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  1. Helllllooooo From Los Angeles

    Welcome New Members
    Howdy all fellow freedom lovers. I just joined the eternal brotherhood of the 2nd amendment with a recent purchase of a beautiful Marlin 795. Heading to the range today to get her broken in. Plan on running a brick of CCI through her with perhaps a few cleaning patches during the process. Here...
  2. XT-22 problems

    Hi! Bought my first Marlin .22LR bolt action rifle a few weeks ago from Sportsmans. Finally took it out to the range today for the first time and immediately the range master stopped me after a few rounds. He said my rifle didn't sound like a "22" and asked to take a look at it. Upon inspection...
  3. was given an 880

    long story short I was given an 880 marlin .22 lr and havent got to shoot it yet or clean it, it looks like its got some mold on it from being in a gun cabinet for yearrrrrrrrrrrrs but only around the trigger guard and on the scope glass. It came with nothing but the gun itself and a scope...
  4. model 60 trigger reset issue, new disconnector no help

    Hi, I have a newer model 60 that is not firing correctly. When shooting it fires fine when manually cocked, but it will not fire semi auto I have cleaned this rifle with a fine tooth comb multiple times to no avail. After researching on here I replaced the disconnector spring along with the...