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  1. Howdy from Houston

    Welcome New Members
    I've discovered a genetic predisposition favoring Marlin rifles, so I'm checking in. Along with shooting and loading, I ride motorcycles and try to do just enough to keep my girlfriend happy. 'bout 'them Marlin's - which one of you suspects thought it was cute teaching these rascals how to...
  2. Need info on H&R Sportsman revolver

    H&R/NEF Collectors
    I recently picked up a H&R Sportsman 9 shot break barrel revolver. There is no model stamped on the gun, but what I have read so far it's supposed to be a Model 999, but not all the descriptions match. What is stamped on the gun is as follows: On the left side on the barrel is impressed: "H&R...
  3. H&R revolver fire pin striker sticking the action. help please?

    Hello all im new here. Im a gunsmith and fixed an old water soaked model 676. it works fine so long as you the muzzle pointed slightly up. the striker is loose and is sticking on the firing pin when the striker comes up while the muzzle is level or pointed down. anyone have a known fix or have...
  4. Marlin 795 new gun owner

    Welcome New Members
    Hi all, after a bunch of research, I decided to go with the Marlin 795. All the reviews I've read say that this is the most accurate out of box .22 rifle for the price. I have never owned a gun before, so I was a bit hesitant to buy one. Anyone have tips on maintenance and any upgrades...
  5. Marlin model 57 HELP.

    Hello. I have a marlin model 57 22lr with a round reciever. Do any of you know were I can get a scope base for it or just give me the name of the scope base, because I can't find one anywhere. Will the one for the 22 magnum model 57 work. Thank you in advance.