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  1. H&R/NEF Collectors
    I recently acquired a NEF sportster chambered in 22 mag. Obviously a youth stock as it’s very short. The gun is entirely finished in a green/black/tan woodland style camo. The quality of the finish is very, very good. Is anybody aware of any of these guns coming from the factory like this? I...
  2. All Items Sold
    1894M .22WMR It is a shooter. Metal is 98% wood 95%. I've shot it for years for bobcat hunting in a rimfire only area. I will only trade it for a mint Winchester 9422 XTR in .22 long rifle, Winchester or Browning 1885 in 17 WSM, 22-250 or other small caliber. Thanks for the offers but...
  3. Team .22 Magnum
    I saw a marlin 57m at a gun show this weekend, they wanted $475 for it. It was in good shape, passed on it I was light on cash and unsure of design since they didn’t make these for very long. What are the cons of this model or potential problems to look out for?
  4. Team .22 Magnum
    Going to look at a marlin 1894m tomorrow. All the ones I've seen have non-checkered stocks. This one has a checkered stock and forend. Was wondering if it was factory or if someone changed out the factory wood for the checkered wood. The gun is in excellent condition.
  5. Handguns
    I have a crazy question. Could you put a single six bisley grip frame on a ruger bearcat. I am asking this because my hands don't get along with a traditional single action grip I know that someone put one on a single six with a 9 1/2 in barrel I have came up with an idea for a "kit gun"...
  6. Rimfires
    After looking high and low locally and not so locally in at least half the state of Florida, I finially scored the elusive 983s! What a road it has been as it wound up coming from online auction (I was the ONLY bidder), had problems with seller, my FFL and a "delayed" of three days for the...
  7. Rimfires
    I think I want a 22 magnum rifle. Are there any good semi auto rifles out there. Or I would take a lever. Wish Marllin made one, do they? Thanks, Jim
1-7 of 7 Results