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  1. All Items Sold
    1894M .22WMR It is a shooter. Metal is 98% wood 95%. I've shot it for years for bobcat hunting in a rimfire only area. I will only trade it for a mint Winchester 9422 XTR in .22 long rifle, Winchester or Browning 1885 in 17 WSM, 22-250 or other small caliber. Thanks for the offers but...
  2. Team .22 Magnum
    883ss 22 Mag Question Hi all! I am new to the forum, but not new to Marlin. I currently own three, but I know that count will grow. Recently (yesterday!) I bought a 883ss 22 mag. I am been wanting this gun for quite a while and the price with the accessories it was touting was a price I was...
  3. Rimfires
    Just picked up a '75 model 783 in WMR. It needs a lot of TLC, but for $100, I had to make it my project gun. The stock is pretty rough, and the rear sight is missing. Anyone know a stock that will fit other than the original? I have a 781 and the stock does fit, but I need it on my 781. Can't...
  4. Rimfires
    Marlin XT-22 MVO Model - A New Addition to the Collection Bull Barrel, wood stock, 22WMR, 3x9x32 scope (EDIT - This was the only photo I could find online before I actually saw one in the gun shop) I saw today that our local shop has 5 of these in stock. Looks like I will have to stop by...
  5. 1894
    I'm pondering making an 1894M my next quest for acquisition but I'm not sure I know enough about them. I'm requesting members to post pictures of their 1894M's to see if they were all identical or were there different styles. Even if they were all made identical I would appreciate as many...
  6. Rimfires
    Recently acquired a Model 983. So far it's a winner but I've only fired a hundred rounds through it. Any other 983 owners out there? If so, what if any, issues have you run into?
1-6 of 7 Results