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22 lr

  1. A couple ? on my 39a

    Working on my 1948 39a. First, the sight appears to be broken right at the back of the pin, What is the proper replacement for this? I see them on Ebay with the gold pins, is this correct for a 1948 39a? If not where do I find one? Second: is this the correct but plate for the same gun? If...
  2. Finally, Skinner Sights hits the Big Time

    Skinner Sights
    Saw this yesterday and thought I would put it up for all who are considering a set of them to read. It is just my way of helping to show my appreciation for how much I personally love my three pair. The truly are the 3 R's, Rugged, Reliable, and Retarded-proof. I don't remember if I mentioned a...
  3. New Henry Frontier 22 lr

    Henry Levers
    Well, I was wanting another lever action but couldn't decide if I wanted another centerfire or a rimfire lever. I actually wanted both but can only afford one at a time. I bought a 336W back in November that I am happy with and that I broke in with a small whitetail buck a few weeks ago. When I...