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  1. Looking for rings for my old Marlin Model 25 .22lr

    Team Bolt Action Rimfire
    Hello everyone, First time posting here. I am in search for a set of rings that will allow me to use a 50mm scope with a 30mm tube as well as the iron sights. My rifle has the standard 3/8 inch grooved receiver. I am seeing several for 1 inch scopes but nothing of the style for 30mm. Do any...
  2. My New Ruger American .22 long rifle.

    Team Bolt Action Rimfire
    Just picked up this Ruger American in .22 long rifle. She wears a laminate wood stock, 10 round rotary magazine and has a heavy threaded barrel. I have a suppressor on it along with a Nikon scope. The scope is 2-7x32 and has a BDC reticle. It came with two elevation turrets, one calibrated for...
  3. Model 70 HC Trigger Jiggles

    I have a Marlin Model 70 HC that has a problem... It is fine where the magazine goes in but anything behind the screw beginning at the trigger guard jiggles. I took it apart but I can't make sense of it. Is there somewhere I can just buy what I have deemed the "trigger assembly"? The whole...
  4. Marlin Model 989 M2

    I just inherited a Marlin Model 989 M2 from my great-uncle. It came with everything but a stock. When I got it I swear there was more rust than gun but I removed most of the rust, cleaned the whole thing, and applied a layer of gun oil. I'm either going to purchase a stock or part the gun off. I...
  5. XT-22R Scope Mount Question

    Hey people! I am new here. You could say that I am new to firearms as well. I made my mind up on a XT-22R for my first one and I am getting a Vortex 3-9x 40mm. I just saw this video. It gave me concerns about the Scope mount. For It availability and Its size. His scope is a 40mm as well and...
  6. .22 lr marlin 99c

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    Magazine tube falls out. Gun jams after 7 shot. When gun goes to reload bullet gets kicked to the side slightly and hits the side of the barrel . Any thought on this?