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  1. Other Marlins
    Was going through the gunsafe this weekend and found this way in the back. I think its a model 90 but I honestly have no idea what it is. Hoping someone can give me some information on it and it's history. The only markings I can find on it are 99 (probably a serial number) and the old JM stamp...
  2. H&R/NEF Shotguns
    Hello, I have a Pardner SB1 20ga full choke single shot shotgun. I would love to take it turkey hunting in a few weeks but am having trouble finding a load that patterns well out of it. I've tried winchester and federal 3in mags in #4 and #5 shot but am having groups that would cover the whole...
  3. H&R/NEF Shotguns
    Hello, Just joined the forum earlier this morning, hoping that someone here can direct me. I bought a used H&R Topper 20 Gauge 3" Mod (P) shotgun at a recent gun show. The gun was in excellent condition and did not appear to have ever been fired. I purchased the gun as a gift for my daughter...
1-3 of 3 Results