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  1. Repairing Your Guns
    Greetings; Attempting to lessen the Main Spring tension, I gradually ground the Main Spring Adt. Screw shorter until I thought that was not the answer for this Gorilla spring. My mentor showed me how to gently thin the spring along its length. We stopped at about .015" removal, maintaining its...
  2. Marlin Collectors
    Hi there I have just today picked up a Marlin 1897 .22, that i occasionaly stumbeled over. I have shared this in a thread in the Rimfire section. When I shot it today, it wouldn't eject the cases - had to skew the rifle a bit to get them out. I disassembeled and it seem the tip of the ejecktor...
  3. Marlin Collectors
    This 1897 "bicycle rifle" has been passed down to me from my mother. It was originally owned by my great grandfather. I don't think he purchased it new but it has been in the family for a long time. It has a 16" barrel and according to the historian at Marlin was manufactured in 1899. I have...
1-3 of 5 Results