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  1. Another good day kayak fishing for catfish

    Thee Ole Fishin' Hole
    We had a good day fishing with noodles. Nothing like just hanging out for them to start running. We try to do some fishing while waiting but can't ever get settled in without one starting to run. Fun, fun, fun! YouTube noodle on the run here Can't get enough of it. 1895gunner
  2. Some 45/70 Reloading This Morning!

    I was headed to the range this morning with the 444's and decided I wanted to shoot the 45-70's as well so to the bench I went. I loaded H4198 with Remington 300gr HP's in RP nickel plated brass. Had a good time before & during range time today! 1895gunner
  3. Getting Ready for Range Time Tuesday - 444 Reloading

    The 444 Marlin
    I've been spending way too much time with my Guide Guns lately so I decided to spend some quality range time this next week with the Outfitters. I started looking around for how much ammo I had loaded and decided I better load up sixty more rounds for Tuesday. I don't own a progressive press...
  4. First Shot with a Ruger No.1 in 458 Winchester Today!

    General Gun Related Off Topic Stuff
    I had no idea what to expect. So I just loaded, aimed & fired. Really a fun, fun rifle to shoot! I was shooting 500gr jacketed factory loads. I will say that it is considerably more recoil than even full house 450 Marlin rounds. The muzzle jump is considerable but my oh my what fun if you are a...
  5. My Sunday Morning Fantastic Adventure

    General Gun Related Off Topic Stuff
    DISCLAIMER: Although guns were held, caressed and fondled no guns purchased this trip........................ Well the BIL and I planned a trip to the Orlando gun show today (Sunday) to browse and see what and who we could see. Ended up meeting for breakfast first.... Then headed to Orlando...
  6. Headed over to Atlanta Motor Speedway

    All Sports Discussion Forum
    Was there Friday for the Truck races, spent a relaxing day with my BIL at gun shops yesterday and headed back for Sprint Cup this afternoon. Sure do enjoy coming up each year for the Labor Day races. My BIL introduced me to Outdoor Adventures yesterday, had over 8,000 guns in stock and couldn't...
  7. My Favorite Cartridges Span 128 Years, How About Yours?

    General Gun Related Off Topic Stuff
    The following cartridges make up my go-to group that I have focused on for rifles and handguns. There are seven different cartridges designed by seven different developers. What I found interesting was the first was developed in 1872 and the most recent in 2000. One Hundred & Twenty Eight years...
  8. 1894M 22 Mag Questions and Picture Request

    I'm pondering making an 1894M my next quest for acquisition but I'm not sure I know enough about them. I'm requesting members to post pictures of their 1894M's to see if they were all identical or were there different styles. Even if they were all made identical I would appreciate as many...
  9. Big Bore Range Day - Guide Gun Style

    The 45/70 Govt.
    Spent the morning at the range today taking out clay pigeons and chunks of wood. I just grabbed the .458 dia. plinkers off the rack to take along, even left the 444P at the ranch; she was whining when I got home. I ignored her cause I wanted nothing but the best with me today.:flute: You just...