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1895 45-70

  1. The 45/70 Govt.
    Recently got an 1895 gbl and hunt with ranges that extend to around 250/300 yards. Given the limitations with bullet drop(300gr fed premium fusion) what are recommended sighting ranges for minimal hold or adjustment. Thanks in advance.
    Went down to my dealer to pick up a new 1895CBA ordered from an internet dealer. Opened box and rifle looks ok. Bluing clear. Furniture nothing to write home about, but can be refinished. Tried to open action. NO LUCK. Action jammed tighter than a (can't say). Worked in a gunstore for ten years...
  3. Welcome New Members
    Hello All, I'm a first-time Marlin lever gun owner but a lifelong shooter and firearms enthusiast. I've just purchased a factory-new Model 1895SBL for backcountry bear and large predator defense. I appreciate the opportunity to join this forum to share information, ideas and perspectives...
  4. Cowboy Rifles
    I recently bought a new-in-box 1895 CB in 45-70 and while cleaning the barreal the patch seemed to catch part way through. I checked it using a bore-light and noticed several ripples in the metal that ran perpendicular to the rifling. I contacted Marlin and was sent paperwork to send the rifle...