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1894m 22 mag

    1894M .22WMR It is a shooter. Metal is 98% wood 95%. I've shot it for years for bobcat hunting in a rimfire only area. I will only trade it for a mint Winchester 9422 XTR in .22 long rifle, Winchester or Browning 1885 in 17 WSM, 22-250 or other small caliber. Thanks for the offers but...
  2. General Gun Related Off Topic Stuff
    Hey guys and girls, Thought I'd share a photo of my marlin collection so far. I have been collecting for only a year and stumbled across some good finds for an Aussie. 39as original golden .22 1894m 22mag 1894cs .357 mag 336le 30/30 1895sbl 45/70 i would like to add a pre rem 30/30, 410 and...
  3. TEAM 1894
    G'day guys, have recently acquired a 1894m, I know that most parts are not compatible and almost impossible to find, how ever the stock is in rough shape. I was wondering if the stocks from a centre fire will fit.