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  1. 1894
    A buddy from work had this sitting in his safe since he bought it new around 2011. My girlfriend even thinks its pretty. Not that she isnt still mad I bought it....
  2. 1894
    Hello everyone. My name is Randall and I'm new to the forum. After much consideration I have decided I'd like to be the owner of a Marlin 1894css JM model in .357mag. I've looked persistently online and in local shops but have been unable to locate one for sale. People who own this rifle must...
  3. Skinner Sights
    Forgive me if I have not introduced myself yet in the new member forum, as I am generally just browsing. I joined back in 2011 and have simply been taking in the wealth of knowledge provided here. My lack of posting may be due to belief that the less info I put out online about my gun...
1-3 of 3 Results