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  1. Leupold scope for 1894c

    TEAM 1894
    Hi guys. I need some advice for a scope for my new 1894c. I will be shooting from 50 - 150 yards. Here in Switzerland the gun laws are very strict, my local shooting range wouldent even let me shoot without a scope!!! I have been looking at the budget line of Leupold scopes mainly because the...
  2. Howdy from S.C.

    Welcome New Members
    Just wanted to say hello and thanks to everyone. I've been cruising this website for a little while trying to put a plan together for a new 1894C to match a Ruger Blackhawk that I've owned for years. I wanted to keep any mods to the rifle simple and inexpensive. The info I found here was very...
  3. First year production: 1894c .357

    TEAM 1894
    Greetings all. This is a first post for me and I thought I would take my question to the experts directly. I have dilemma on my hands. I own a first year 1894c in .357. It has been in my family since purchased residing in a safe. I would say it has a <200 round count through it (more like 150)...
  4. FS: Beautiful Marlin 1894c 357 rifle, JM stamp, 2004 year manuf

    Well, its come my turn to thin the herd a bit and here is the first I am going to let go. Absolutely excellent condition in all respects. Metal is super clean, I cannot find any bad spots or scratches on it anywhere. Same with the wood, excellent condition with no bad spots that I can find. But...
  5. New Member With First Levergun

    Welcome New Members
    I had been thinking about getting a Marlin for a few years and 2 days ago I found an 1894c that needed a new home. It has a 94xxxxxx serial number and is in very good condition. No scratches in the metal, all screws are clean looking, rifiling looks good, action as smooth as butter, and the...
  6. New guy 1894c

    I"m new to the forum and had some questions about the 1894c in .357 I picked up. Lever guns are a new area for me in the firearms world. Mine has the JM stamp and the first 2 digits are 99. So is that a 2001 production or 2010? Also has anyone done any custom work on theirs? I would like to...
  7. first Marlin... in fact first lever gun

    Greetings all. I've been lurking here a little while gathering intel. I had never considered a lever gun, but one day I suddenly decided my Ruger GP100 needed a playmate. So I did a little research and decided that an 1894c in 357mag is exactly what the doctor ordered. Then I found out that...