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1894c .357 mag

  1. Just learned about this old vs new Marlin/remington business..did i make a mistake?

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    I have recently learned the new term "remlin"..curious about my new 1894c...i spent $699 on it in .357/38. im worried about the serial numbers of these numbers indicate a bad year for these rifles?
  2. Hello!! Clevelander here!

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    Hi everyone!! Just bought a Marlin 1894C in .357 today and am looking for all the wisdom about this fine rifle that i can get. I bought this rifle based and Marlins reputation, caliber and over all aesthetic beauty. Since i live in Ohio and am in need of a good "brush" gun, i can appreciate the...
  3. 1894 CST, Marlin is BACK!

    Hey guys! I just picked up my 1894 CST Wednesday and I have to say it's amazing. Haven't been able to shoot it yet, but with snap caps it functions just as smooth as my father's 1894 C from 1984. Zero binding, grittiness, or bad mating of the wood to metal. It seems like a whole new company...
  4. Uk Calling, and help required!!

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    Just to say hi I'm new here but a lifetime shooter. My problem is that I have just bought a new 1894css in 357 Mag, the strange thing is it will not cycle 357's it will work with 38 specials though. The 357 will exit the mag into the action about a case length and lock up the action. Any...
  5. High-Velocity .357 Mag Loads for 1894c using 125 gr Speer Gold Dots and Win 296

    I was inventorying my reloading supplies recently and came across two boxes of 125 gr Speer Gold Dot bullets I'd forgotten I had. I searched RCBS.Load for relevant loads, and the closest I found was the following rifle data for Hornady 125 gr XTPs: H110 21 gr 2205 fps H110 22 gr 2276 fps...