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  1. Marlin 25-20 Mfg. 1900 half octagon (Looking for info or knowledge)

    Marlin Collectors
    Wanting learn a few things about my rifle. If you have a 25-20 what loads do you shoot and such? The bore on my 25-20 is very clean and crisp. Wanting to see what some of you thought a ballpark value range would be. Very hard to find the half octagon barrel. I've read as much as I can as well...
  2. 1894 SBL Replacement Stocks

    I wanted .44 Mag + pistol grip stock: I ended up buying an 1894 SBL. But I would prefer either wood or a brown wood laminate stock and forearm. Are any of the other pistol grip models, e.g., the 1895 GBL, a drop-in replacement for the 1894 SBL?
  3. .44 Mag 1894 SBL Lead Bullet Size

    Hello from England! Pick yourself up off the deck, yes, we can own firearms in the UK! (See below pic for credentials) I have just purchased a .44 1894 SBL, I am after a little advice. I have loaded an amount of: .429 240g Hardcast RNFP 7.5g Unique PPU .44 Mag Brass CCI 300 Primer I have...
  4. Why the cost difference on new stainless 336 and 1984?

    A new 336ss lists for over $800 new, and a new stainless 1894 lists for over $1,200 on the marlin website... Does anyone know why the 1894 is so much more expensive than the 336? Thanks!
  5. Colorado newbie w/ 1894 44 -- feeding question

    Always wanted a "real" lever gun, so found a JM 1894 .44 on gunbroker. Thought I had a good deal till I got it. Missing screws, missing sight parts, bad blueing, mis-matched wood. Did total takedown (LOTS of YouTube videos) and cleaned and re-assembled. Worked fine w/o any ammo in it. Tried some...
  6. Just an update and photo of my 1894's

    For those that were with me on my original journey. Anyone new can do a search under my user name and should find the modifications i needed to make in order to load rounds. I have close to 2000 rounds through my first one, the one with all the "junk" on it. LOL. Its still shooting sweet and...
  7. Identifying the 1894cb 357 I just bought

    I just got what I assume to be a decent deal on a 1894cb in .357. I was told it's a JM and all that but when I do some poking around on the internet I start to wonder. For one, the JM stamp looks like a mis-strike. It definitely does not look like it could say REP. The address is in North Haven...
  8. Marlin Followers Offered

    Bear Tooth Mercantile
    On our site we offer both brass and stainless steel followers and people often want to know which is better. The truth is that it is really a matter of personal preference. The two materials produce very similar performance in the application of a magazine follower in a Marlin lever gun. It is...
  9. BAS Scout Rail + light rail for Marlin's with barrel bands

    Ranger Point Precision
    For accuracy afficionados and fans of Cooper’s scout concept, RPP now offers its new Barrel Anchored Scout (BAS) rail. As always, Ranger Point’s goal was to push the state of the art forward. In this case, that meant literally pushing the whole rail forward. Other scout rails can rob your...
  10. Looking for a new parts source

    What is your favorite place to order new parts from for your Marlin? In particularly for my 2019 production 1894 CSBL. I want to put together a back up parts kit. Also, anyone order from Midwest Gun Works? What's your opinion? Thanks David
  11. 1894 CSBL loading issue

    Having issues loading my rifle. Wanted to post this while I search through the forum looking for answers. I shot my 1984 CSBL for the first time today. Great Gun ! Ran a sample of cartridges through it, around 14 different flavors and all cycled extremely smooth and not a issue. The screws all...
  12. Hello from Texas

    Welcome New Members
    Just saying "Hi" to everyone. Will be posting a question when I find the right area to post. I have my first Marlin. Its a 1894 CSBL and having significant loading issues. Anyway, looking forward to some discussions on here and learning about lever guns. My only other lever gun is a Henry Long...
  13. Custom Trijicon RMR Mount for 1894 ... any interest?

    I had been using XS ghost rings on my 1894P in .44mag, which were nice. Had a Trijicon RMR on my .22 pistol and decided to try it on the 1894. So I got an XS Lever Scout, mounted it up with a quick detach mount, and it made a fun gun even that much better for my aging eyes. The Lever Scout is...
  14. New Marlin Owner - Upset Marlin Owner

    Welcome New Members
    Marlin 1894 Cowboy 44M Just picked up my new Marlin. Read all the history, looked at fit & finish. Not a serious shooter (yet), looking for more fun than hunting. Went to cycle the lever and low an behold no dice. Brand new out of the box the hammer is not cocking all the way. You need to...
  15. Nib 1894 ss 44 mag value ?

    Does anyone have in idea of the price range of a nib 1894ss 44 mag? Gunbroker currently has some in the $1200-$2000 range. Seems a bit overpriced to me, but not sure.
  16. 10% off today through Feb 13th. Code: TREATYOURSELF

    Ranger Point Precision
    Hi MOF Friends - As you know, we do not do a ton of specials but the nanny [in the photo] talked me into a Valentine's Special. :cool: Good for all of our performance parts for Marlin Firearms, Henry Repeating Arms, Steyr Arms, and Springfield Armory. This includes some of our best selling...
  17. Cut the barrel from 20" to 16"? Thinking about it and made my head hurt....

    I'm mulling over having the barrel cut down the pre-safety 1894 that I had converted from .44 mag to .45 Colt about 6 years ago. It was re-barreled with a 20" Microgroove 1:20 twist barrel that I got from Numrich. I've been trying to figure out what effect that will have on it's accuracy...
  18. My 2013 357. Update.

    Hi. I was just kicking around in the .22 forum and thought I would just post a quick update on the 2013 1894 C I bought new, made in Ilion New York stamped on the barrel. I shoot about 150 rounds a month with it and have done so since I bought it. Lead heads and my own cowboy action load. It...
  19. Marlin 1894 10mm/40 S&W Short Stroke Carbine (10/40SS)

    Ranger Point Precision
    The RPP 10/40SS is a unique rifle, so much so that it is the first of its kind. It represents a number of extraordinary developments in the Marlin lever-action platform, if not repeating rifles as a whole class. To our knowledge, there is nothing else like it. To begin with, this rifle...
  20. Cowboy Carbine Limited .41 Magnum question

    Ok so lets say you find a Cowboy Carbine Limited in .41 Magnum in like new condition barely looks fired. With the price being asked for them today, this one is $1100, do you... A. Put it in the safe and every once in a while pull it out and look at it or B. Use it at the range, in the woods...