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1894 in 44 mag

  1. BAS Scout Rail + light rail for Marlin's with barrel bands

    Ranger Point Precision
    For accuracy afficionados and fans of Cooper’s scout concept, RPP now offers its new Barrel Anchored Scout (BAS) rail. As always, Ranger Point’s goal was to push the state of the art forward. In this case, that meant literally pushing the whole rail forward. Other scout rails can rob your...
  2. Three Beauties! Can you name them?

    Ranger Point Precision
    Checkout these three Marlin beauties from a recent photos shoot. All decked out with our parts: medium loop lever and takedown screw, trigger kit, flyweight loading gate, cloverleaf peep sight, fiber optic front sight... Can you name them all?
  3. Hello from England

    Welcome New Members
    Hi all, Have recently bought an 1894 .44 Remington built from 2016. Very happy with quality apart from a couple of minor points. Fitted with an Athlon red dot sight for fast acquisition target shooting down at the club, and shoots very nicely with my .44 Mag home loads. Look forward to getting...
  4. M/94 Extractor Claw (2017 Design)

    Ranger Point Precision
    Getting to the Extraction Point... Any operator will tell you that it's foolish to embark on a mission without a good plan for extraction once the objective has been accomplished. Similarly, it's foolish to design a firearm without serious consideration for the extractor, whose primary job is...
  5. new to lever guns and marlin, just got a 1978 mod 1894 44 mag

    So im new to lever guns, marlins, and 44 mags. Yes ive own a 336 30 30 a few years ago got it cheap and sold it right away bc I disnt like it and couldn't hut with it worth a damn. Well I took the plunge this morning and bought a marlin 44 mag mod 1894...
  6. New Owner 1894 Questions

    New Production 1894 Questions Hello All, I am a new member but have been a visitor to MarlinOwner forum for years. I have used information and resources found on this site to trouble shoot and smooth out issues that I had on a "Remlin" 336, which I am happy to say runs great now. I...
  7. 336 lever problems

    Welcome New Members
    Hello Marlin Owners, first time poster although I have refered to this site many times. Your members are well regarded all across the net. I need some specific advice after pulling a bonehead move. I have a 336RC 35cal. vintage 1967. I switched from scoped rifle to the lever because new...
  8. Reloading 44 Magnum

    While I'm not new to reloading ammo, I am somewhat new to reloading 44 Mag. Here's my problem. I'm reloading 240 grain flat point copper plated projectiles for use in my 1894 Marlin lever action. When I use IMR 4227, data from several sources says use 22 grains. With this load I get very tight...