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1894 csbl

  1. New Henry X Model in 357 vs 1894 CSBL

    Just wanted to post a short range report on my new Henry X Model in 357. Shot approx 250 rounds through the Henry. No issues other than what is stated below at this point. I was just cycling rounds and not trying to look at accuracy but it appears to shoot very straight and repeatable. Will do...
  2. Just an update and photo of my 1894's

    For those that were with me on my original journey. Anyone new can do a search under my user name and should find the modifications i needed to make in order to load rounds. I have close to 2000 rounds through my first one, the one with all the "junk" on it. LOL. Its still shooting sweet and...
  3. Very sharp receiver edge on 1894csbl

    Just got back from my first range trip with my new 1894 csbl. It shot great. I love it. Smooth action and my difficulty with the stiff magazine/loading gate seems to have worked itself out. When I went to clean it, I sliced my finger right open on the upper side of the reciever (the upper part...
  4. Looking for a new parts source

    What is your favorite place to order new parts from for your Marlin? In particularly for my 2019 production 1894 CSBL. I want to put together a back up parts kit. Also, anyone order from Midwest Gun Works? What's your opinion? Thanks David
  5. 1894 CSBL loading issue

    Having issues loading my rifle. Wanted to post this while I search through the forum looking for answers. I shot my 1984 CSBL for the first time today. Great Gun ! Ran a sample of cartridges through it, around 14 different flavors and all cycled extremely smooth and not a issue. The screws all...
  6. Hello from Texas

    Welcome New Members
    Just saying "Hi" to everyone. Will be posting a question when I find the right area to post. I have my first Marlin. Its a 1894 CSBL and having significant loading issues. Anyway, looking forward to some discussions on here and learning about lever guns. My only other lever gun is a Henry Long...
  7. How to get the 1894 sbl and csbl into production

    I have found out how to get the 1894 sbl and 1894 csbl into production. I called customer service at Marlin today asking when these models will be produced. The rep told me that those models are still listed as active projects. They will put them into production when they get enough inerest...