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  1. Mountie & 1892 to the range

    Rimfire Teams and 39A Stickies
    Had the opportunity to take the 57 Mountie & the 1899-1892 to the range yesterday. Limited the 92 to the 50 yard line due to iron sights and old eyes. Both 50&100 yard mark for the unmarked 39A Mountie old Weaver 4x. Not to bad free-handed from either. I enjoy being able to test the...
  2. Family Heirloom 1892 Winchester Lever Action Made 1904

    Guns Of Our Fathers
    This was given to me by my father although its still at his house in Canada, it was aquired in Florida at the ROTC building in Pensacola in a brown type wax paper loaded with packing grease. Paid $19 dollars for it in 1967 or round abouts. I did some looking around and I found S/N: 301041...
  3. Need to find gunsmith near Los Angeles

    I'm looking for a recommended gunsmith to service my 1970 model 39 and to look at my old model 1893/1892 rifles. Somewhere between Orange County, San Bernardino, and Pasadena would be easiest for me to get to.