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Pew pew boom boom
60 bl micro groove barrel
Third owner....only way it can be moved on is by the final my son's next in line he'll have to wait awhile was a plain model with incorrect rear sight which finally fell off and found a good hiding spot....I set it up in a way that I like and enjoy and I believe my son will enjoy shooting it as well....laser is spot on from 75 to's a blast to shoot....and it still blows my mind to think about how little it cost to empty the tube....
Tru glo dovetail to picatinny rail mount, fire field red/green triple recticle ( circle,circle w/dot,and dot) optic which also has a red laser


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Besides knowing the last two owners I actually don't know too much about it....if anyone has any information about it I would love to learn more about it. My next step is to strip and reblue the barrel....I keep it in that case when not in use and had it in the truck for 2 weeks and didn't put it in the sock before closing the case....oh well, lesson learned, and learning a new one too( I've never blued before) lol....