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Site Rules

Rules of the Forum
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Welcome New Members

A place for new members to say hi and tell us about yourself . ( The addiction begins)
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Members Suggestion Box-New Boards

For suggestions to add additional forum boards.
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Marlinowners Job Seeker Help Forum

This forum is for the members to post what work they do and what area they live in .. Maybe we can drop a dime in the right place to help them ..
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Marlin Rifles, Shotguns & Other Marlins


Marlin's Classic Lever Action. Calibers include 30-30, 32 Special
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The 308 / 338 Marlin Express®

The New Marlin Express Calibers .308ME & .338 ME
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The Marlin XL7/XS7 Boltaction Centerfire Rifles

The new addition to the family of Marlin's The Marlin XL7® Boltaction Rifle.
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Bull Snakes Postal Match I

Time to step up and demonstrate your shooting skills to become famous.
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This is set up to keep the rest of the board clean of duplicate post
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The 444 Marlin

Home of the Original Big Bore Marlin
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The .35 Remington

All things .35 Remington
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The 45/70 Govt.

For the 45-70 Aficionado's
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The 450 Marlin®

The 450 Marlin
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Small to Deer sized Game. A Utility Arm Supreme.
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Cowboy Rifles

Nostalgic And Functional
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Cowboy Lever Action Silhouette & Shootin Matches

Cowboy Lever Action Silhouette We have expanded this to include all other Shootin Matches.
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Marlin Collectors

Where Collectors/ Experts on Marlins help out and discuss.. share knowledge with all
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The other side of Marlin
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Tactical Leverguns

Leverguns and All Marlins for Home Defense and Other Than Normally Perceived Applications
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H&R/NEF Rifles, Shotguns, and Blackpowder

Open H&R/NEF Firearms Forum

General H&R/NEF Talk
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H&R/NEF Collectors

Where Collectors/ Experts on H&R/NEF help out and discuss.. share knowledge with all
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H&R/NEF Shotguns

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  • 3M

Modern Sporting Rifles

Discuss modern configurable rifles here.
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Black Powder

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Hunting & Fishing Blinds, Tree Stands, Hunting Gear and Hunting in General. Fishing and Fishing Gear

Organize Your Hunt / Shoot/ or Get Together

This forum is for organizing your hunts , shoots, and get togethers with other members of the forum...
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General Hunting

No Off Topics Please. From Squacks to Elephants, ask your questions or tell your stories.
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Small Game & Varmints

Rabbits, Ground Hogs, Varmints etc.
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  • 448K

Bird Hunting

Upland Game Bird & Waterfowl
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  • 183K

Big Game

Elk, Deer, Bear, etc.
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  • 1.2M

Hawg Hunting

Discussions of hunting, trapping and other tips on the feral hog.
9.7K 1.6M
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  • 1.6M

Trapping & Skinning

For those that trap and those that want to learn.
1.2K 256K
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  • 256K

Turkey Hunters Roost

For and about Turkey Hunting and Calling.
3.2K 320K
  • 3.2K
  • 320K

Thee Ole Fishin' Hole

For those that Fish and those that want to learn
7.4K 497K
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  • 497K
Archery Traditional and Modern

The Archer's Corner

Bowhunting, Equipment, and Stories.
3.8K 696K
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  • 696K

Traditional Archery

The Stick And String Bunch
3.5K 527K
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  • 527K

Knives and cutlery

For your edged tool discussions.
10.9K 1.5M
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Veterans Voice/Military/Law Enforcement Discussion

The Veterans Voice

For our members that are Veterans ..
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  • 834K

Military Talk and Surplus Rifles

Military Discussion and Surplus Rifles and Related
7.4K 1M
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  • 1M

Law Enforcement

6K 490K
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  • 490K


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Black Rifles

Black Rifles, Tactical or by whatever name you call them.
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Silencers, Suppressors or Cans
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Product Reviews

Product Reviews

An objective review of products pertaining to our sport. MarlinOwners members are encouraged to submit product reviews.
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Reference Library.. Post Only Useful Tips

New Reference Material

Post here any informational material such as serial #s/dates or other firearms reference.
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Marlin Years of Manufacture

Years of Manufacture of Marlin Centerfire's and Rimfires..
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  • 619K

Repairing Your Guns

For the repair and/or alteration of all firearms Marlin Owners assumes no responsibility for any opinions or advice given in this forum.
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Ammunition From Factory Ammo to Handloads to Cast Boolits to Mentoring and Paper Patching to Bullet Tests and Everything in Between.

Ammunition Test Results

User Submitted Tests of Various Bullets
3.4K 1M
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  • 1M

Paper Patch Bullets

For those members interested in Paper Patching Bullets
863 292K
  • 863
  • 292K


Thoughts From The Bench
119K 17.3M
  • 119K
  • 17.3M


For the Experts to Help the Newby's learn Reloading..
929 164K
  • 929
  • 164K

Boolit Casting

Rolling your own.. Sponsored by Ranch Dog Molds
12.9K 2.1M
  • 12.9K
  • 2.1M

The Bullet Lube Place

This section is for new innovative ideas, researching, refining and engineering of bullet lube and similar practices
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Trading Post "No Commercial Adds Only"
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For, anything not gun related
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A place for wanted to buy posts only.
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Marlins Only Long Guns/ Shotguns or Rifles

For Sale, Trade Only
101 399K
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  • 399K


For Sale, Trade or Wanted to Buy
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  • 83.1K

Ammo, Components & Reloading Items

For Sale, Trade or Wanted to Buy
49 103K
  • 49
  • 103K

The Auction Barn

A place for Marlin Owners Members to Auction Anything.
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  • 22.3K

Fishing Gear All Things

Buy sell, trade or wanted all fishing items
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  • 2.5K

In Country Trading Post

International Members Buy, Sell, Trade
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  • 1.2K

Optics and All Gun Sights

For Sale, Trade or Wanted to Buy Scopes, Rangefinders, Peep Sights and Such
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  • 29.3K

Archery and Archery Equipment Only

For Sale, Trade or Wanted to Buy
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  • 2.3K

Handguns & Handgun Accessories Only

For Sale, Trade or Wanted to Buy
20 27.8K
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  • 27.8K

Knives and Edged Weapons

For Sale, Trade or Wanted to Buy
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  • 5.2K

Group Buys

You leaders can organize group buys here to help out the membership.
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  • 17.4K

Cartridge Collectors ONLY

Cartridge Collectors .. a place to Buy/Sell/trade cartridge boxes and collectibles ect.
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  • 183
  • 10.8K

Auction to Support Marlin Owners Forum

Place your items here for auction for forum support. Your generosity is appreciated.
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  • 19K

Rifles For Sale/Wanted/NO MARLINS HERE

Between Members Only.. NO COMMERCIAL ADDS.. ( MUST HAVE 25 POST OR IT WILL BE REMOVED..SEE RULES . ) For Sale/ Trade/ Buy
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  • 1.6K
  • 509K

Shotguns Only

For Sale, Trade or Want to Buy
3 7.1K
  • 3
  • 7.1K

General Gun Parts and Accessories

Other stuff you want to sell, trade
1.1K 161K
  • 1.1K
  • 161K


Free stuff to give away.
12 9.1K
  • 12
  • 9.1K


For all items sold
28.5K 841K
  • 28.5K
  • 841K

Vendor Deals

10 7.3K
  • 10
  • 7.3K

Bear Tooth Mercantile

47 3.9K
  • 47
  • 3.9K

Boyd's Gunstocks

Your final destination for quality replacement gunstocks. You will find replacement stocks for the vast majority of firearms, of all types.
531 333K
  • 531
  • 333K

Camera Land

We have been a family owned and operated business since 1957 specializing in Cameras and Sports Optics.
1.5K 347K
  • 1.5K
  • 347K


13.9K 2M
  • 13.9K
  • 2M

Ranger Point Precision

2.4K 373K
  • 2.4K
  • 373K

Skinner Sights

Sturdy sights for our Marlins
6.6K 1.4M
  • 6.6K
  • 1.4M

Wild West Guns

Your source for custom Marlin rifles and Accessories.
1.7K 520K
  • 1.7K
  • 520K
Community Help Section

Test Forum

A place for test posts, testing image posting, avatars, polls, or any other board features.
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  • 160K

Community Help

Questions, Problems, and Comments about the Site..
7.9K 735K
  • 7.9K
  • 735K


Computer help sites and downloadable freeware.. antivirus and spyware ect..
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  • 118K
The Lodge


The On-Going Fight For Firearms Rights.
22K 1.5M
  • 22K
  • 1.5M

Prayer Forum

Prayer's for Family and Friends or for any reason..
26.7K 1.2M
  • 26.7K
  • 1.2M

Marlin Members Support Group

This is for support and discussion of Medical / Personal or Other Related Topics ONLY.
2.7K 203K
  • 2.7K
  • 203K

The Silent Gun

Memorial for our Heavenly Members.
674 61.1K
  • 674
  • 61.1K

Retirees Corner

A place for retirees present and future to share sage wisdom.
5.1K 222K
  • 5.1K
  • 222K


Things concerning left handed Marlin Owners.
404 45.8K
  • 404
  • 45.8K

MarlinOwner's International Members

A great place to meet our members from around the world.
834 109K
  • 834
  • 109K


This is for the special moments captured on film of Marlin's being used for the Hunts and Special Moments with Children and Spouse's
680 131K
  • 680
  • 131K

Marlin Owners Movie & Book Review

Recommend books and movies and where to find them.
1.8K 132K
  • 1.8K
  • 132K

Jam Session

The perfect place for all of your Music related discussions.
1.8K 41.6K
  • 1.8K
  • 41.6K


7.5K 529K
  • 7.5K
  • 529K

Women of Marlinowners

For our women members
1.1K 145K
  • 1.1K
  • 145K

Optics Discussion Forum

Optics, Bino's, Scopes and Dots..
7.8K 1.8M
  • 7.8K
  • 1.8M

GPS Forum

How to and why you should have a GPS unit.
533 117K
  • 533
  • 117K

All Sports Discussion Forum

This is for all sports NASCAR to Ballet, Football to Curling.
2K 267K
  • 2K
  • 267K

Cartridge Collectors

Collecting and Discussion Only (No Swapping or Selling) of ALL calibers, Pinfire to Present-Day
3.5K 799K
  • 3.5K
  • 799K

Do it yourself !!!!!!!

This forum is for other things you have built yourself .. RV's , Trailers, Camps, Off Road Buggies, and General Intresting Stuff not covered in the other forums..
7.9K 852K
  • 7.9K
  • 852K


This is for discussion of all motor vehicles , tire, tracks, or wings,, ect..
10.3K 863K
  • 10.3K
  • 863K


For our children with fur...
7.3K 581K
  • 7.3K
  • 581K


Most anything to do with photography and equipment
6K 354K
  • 6K
  • 354K

The Campfire Tales

Stories of the Outdoors and Adventures With Family and Friends ( Photos Too )
6.2K 822K
  • 6.2K
  • 822K

The Camp Cook

Good Cooking Within!
12K 1.5M
  • 12K
  • 1.5M

Joke Forum /Can't roll with the punches stay out

Must be clean , no racist , sexual inuendo, or nudes .. Nothing you wouldn't mind if a child saw or read.. If in doubt. Ask a MOD..
93.4K 7.7M
  • 93.4K
  • 7.7M

Ask Anna (Memorial)

Anna will never be forgotten
4.3K 737K
  • 4.3K
  • 737K

Gunrunners Grotto & Smokers Lounge

New home to the .35 Advantage A place to discuss your smoking pleasures also.
14.4K 379K
  • 14.4K
  • 379K

Wilderness Living/Survivalists/Making Do

Life in remote or undeveloped areas. Prepping for survival.
10.6K 1.3M
  • 10.6K
  • 1.3M

Shooting Games

Bored...Try Some of These
269 127K
  • 269
  • 127K