I'm just starting to fiddle with fitting a stock to my 1889 44/40.
Its got an old but not original stock on it that it came with. Its been busted & sloppily glued back together. The 1889 has an extra long bottom tang too & I think they used a 94 stock & butchured it up pretty good lengthening the tang recess.

Thats all epoxy in there & you can see the split on the top as it sits going back.

The custom inletting,

New & old, The new stock is a precision gun works second, its missing a corner I filled & you can see a spot on the right side they filled. You wont notice either when its done.

The buttplates a real close fit!

Heres how far it fits as I got it.

It'll take a little work to get the tangs going in & I still need to lengthen the bottom. The buttplate wont be bad.

Eventually I'll bed the tangs & buttplate to cover up my sloppyness.

This might take a couple days or a couple weeks but I'll update it as time permits.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________________________

Ok,,,, I'm back.

Taking up where I left off I put some Prussian Blue on the metal to show where it's hitting.

Most guys use inletting black or you can use lipstick. Just enough it'll leave a mark where it hits. It'll get all over the place so I only put it where I need it & as the stock gets on further I add goop.

Then shove the stock on to get an imprint.
I want to file off any marks. Just erasing the mark & stopping. Every time I ever just went a bit more I left a gap.

A little more filing & its starting to go into the receiver.

Now I need to put the blue goop on the back of the receiver flare.

A few minutes more & it's in & only needs some attention to detail to snug it up. Then I'll finish the buttplate & glass both the tangs & under the plate.

That's where I left off this evening. Its just a couple pics & don't look like it took long but it represents a couple hours of fiddling.

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Ok, I'm back again.

I finished snugging it up, not much to take pictures of tho so I'm jumping to the butplate & bedding.

I took the buttstock & put it in a vice, leveling the flat spot where the buttplate sits.

Then I took & put a piece of tape on my drill to mark the depth. Thats deep really by over 1/8 but theres enough wood.

Then I marked the hole location & used my hi tech Ryobi cordless drill with a space age bubble level to drill the hole nice & square.

Next I instal that screw & mark the other screw hole.

I just eyeballed this one level & then drilled it & installed the screw. Its hard to tell because theres alot of shapeing to do but its already tighter than most guns as from the factory.

Now for the fun part! You need to get some of this stuff. Its important to get the right one. You dont want the runny red box stuff. You want the gooey green box.

First, & this is really important, COAT EVERYTHING YOU DONT WANT STUCK WITH THE RELEASE AGENT, TWICE! If you dont or you dont do it good you WILL glue your gun together. Fill any screw holes with clay or just cover them with tape if you want. Thats all I do for the tang screw holes. If you dont keep the glass out of the holes, it'll get hard in there & even if its not stuck because you put release agent in there it'll create a mechanical lock. All this crap is in the destructions. Read them & understand them.

After you read the directions Mix you up a teaspoon full with brown die as per the directions.

Put enough under the buttplate, against the reciever & under the tangs to fill any gaps & ooze out when assembled. This gun dont matter so I'm going to let it harden like it is & just file it away with the wood as I shape the stock.
If your doing it to a gun that you care about the finish you can wipe the glass off when its still wet.

Tommorow morning I'll bust it apart. Even with the release agent its not easy the first time. If you did this right the gun & wood will be molded together. Zero wiggle, no movement, nada. It'll slide together & apart easier in time but once installed it'll stay put. I need to add a little more on one side of the upper tang I think. That happens to me alot. But I reckon its better to need to put a bit more in tomorrow than to chisel it away.


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Ok, took alot of tomorrows for me to get this updated. I took these the following day but its getting nicer & I'm a bit busier than before. The projects almost shaped & sanded but not quite.

Heres the upper tang recess. The glass fits perfectly, you can see the serial number imprint from the side of the upper tang. I took the trigger plate off to help get the stock off.

Next I took & levelled the buttstock in my vice,

Then I marked & drilled the hole with the same cordless drill. This one I go half from the bottom & half from the top. I'm getting better at it but sometimes have to drill it out extra big. If I do that I'll put some glass in the hole & bed the screw. This one worked out well & I just installed the screw & started into final shaping,

I mighta should put these in earlier but these are some of my stock shaping tools.

I will update this as soon as the stocks shaped & sanded before I start finishing it. Be patient tho, spring is here & I got powder to burn, garbage to shoot, things of that nature, I'm sure you'll understand.

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This evening I finally got done prepping it. Once shaped as I wanted I sanded it with 150 then 220 & then 400. You dont have to go that far but if I have the paper I will.
Theres still a lille glass showing over the butplate on the sides. I leave the wood a little high if I can so theres a ridge of bedding. Its easy to trim flush once the plates off.

After I tacked off the dust I wiped on some minwax chestnut stain. I'm trying to match the forend. Pics of that next time.


Ok, took just over a month but its done. came out too light & dont look a hundred years old like the front wood but I'm happy. I'll probably do the front soon or try & strip it. Or maybe I'll smear tar on this one & drag it under my truck for a week.

What I did was use minwax chestnut stain 2 coats & 5 coats of tru oil steel wooled between coats & after the last one. Then I rub on it with rough cloth like burlap & it comes out satiny.

Thats done & I'm happy, wish it was darker but I can live with it.
Needs other work but the carpentry is done. & I can shoot it!