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Thread: Has anybody ever lost gun stuff in the house?

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    Not lost, put it in a safe place is what Mrs Pard calls it.

    If I ever gut my shop, there will be pins and springs in the dust pan that will need to be collected up.
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    I really "hate" organized people...

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    Anything gun related here that gets left out by mistake gets put in a Big Cedar Chest in a walk-in closet. That way the person who lost it knows right where to go. Happens on a daily Basis also. Its been working now for about 6 months. Usually Gun Oil, Hoppes, Screw Drivers, or Shotgun Shells. Its a perfect safe place out of the way from a 2 1/2 year old.
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    Hello again to all. Today beconed me to do a redo of our garage here in our semi new digs in SW Fl.

    Funny how some the little items one finds can bring with them a story unto their own. Like really obscure stuff. To a Marlin aficionado, you would see shiny this and thats and each has its own story. Being warm today and wanting to get a good headstart on my re-envisioned garage come storage area. I take an inordinately big pleasure from efficient spacial usage and I guess I am just an odd duck. It truly is like "seeing" somewhat transparent blueprints of where things should go, especially as we have been here for the better part of a year. Each and every box has a story. Some with "wow, so that's where it went" sort of moments.

    I will be packing and repackaging much to be easier to lift and for the umpteenth time promising to clearly mark boxes, sealed tubs and what have you (I?).

    I found my tub (heavy) of Medical items and am still amazed at the variety of things. How many of you have factory fresh Ambu bags for ventilating someone not breathing? If so, do you have the very small child size? Check. IV catheter kits/ NG tubes? Check My medi tub has SOOOOO much that is useful in just the right situation but hopefully, as I am not flying EMS anymore, they won't ever need to be employed.

    Gun stuff is so diverse and some near unobtanium just through being lost numerous and being put in catch all boxes to ce sorted when my head was into the task. To me, it is fascinating as to the detail of recollection of acquiting or repairing these things. I think I may gather a grab bag or three to pay forward as they will likely never be used by me. I do like the idea of legacy items. The kind of things that are so hard to find, but when gathering these items I smile knowing a fair amount of folks not only would like to have them rat holed away but may be needing just THAT obscure dinga floshie.

    Since joining Marlinowners very many years ago, I have met so many good folks online here and really enjoyed chatting and at times doing firearm and gun related buys, sells and trades of this and thats. Nostalgia I suppose. I could run on about what, where and from who things came from. Amazing to me now a decade + after suffering a disabling TBI. Some thing are stick in memory better than a found hundred dollar bill, kind of like a memory encased in peanut butter as it sticks around forever. Some things acquired after gettting hurt are fuzzier or simply a blank as to their origins.

    Having grown up around and being closely involved with the shooting sports and hunting it is fun to see a persons mind blown that a woman actually is quite more than passingly familiar with so many things that we, M.O. types enjoy. I was blessed with a couple folks that saw my interest and encouraged learning things. From antique engines to fine woodworking, machining and ultimately helicopter flying, my true calling.

    As this thread has grown from 09-14-2010, it has seen me laugh and nodding my head as I am not the only one to have things "relocate" themselves from clutter, that to me has a supreme order...

    Not so to others. I know many get the meaning of that thought painting. We all have out system of "order". My dad did as I am sure my grandgather did. I learned a certain logic to finding where something lives, especially post head trauma. Moving things really messes me up to the point of sometimes tears of frustration. My spouse gets it and leaves my stuff be for the most part.

    But I am tough(ish) and eventually power through occasional hicups in my world's order.

    I am certain that MANY that may read this realize my meaning regarding ones personal sense of order, when to an outsider it looks like a pile garbage fit for a scrap bag when in reality one small item can be worth a nice evenings dinner con champagne to someone needing just that part.

    Blathering on here I know but thanks for those that have contributed and I look forward to many more years of others recollections. I do read them all. It is satisfying to realize I am not the only person to lose some semi to full on valuable items, only to have the mischevious left shoulder troublemaker having fun at our expense of exasperation, angst and most precious, time. They turn up almost always, like my lost ring coming back from Spain last summer. I KNEW I would find it again and had had it move about more than once before...

    essere sicuro e buona notte a tutti


    (yes, I did start using a different name, my middle name since I started this so long ago. Sorry for any confusion. But that is a different story perhaps for another time)

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    I have a set of Fire Sights somewhere in the house.

    This one is really bad, but I lost a gun once. We moved, and I could not find my S&W 65. We didn't have movers, so I know they didn't take it. I looked up and down, in and out, over and over. A week later my wife asked what kind of gun I lost, in the tone that meant she found it. It was in one of her kitchen boxes.
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    I can't find the transfer fee receipt for my revolver. I keep finding other unimportant recipes I thought I threw away, fast food restaurants, grocery stores. The receipt I intended to keep is the one I can' find.
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    I lost a small semi auto 22 pocket pistol
    about a year ago. May not ever find it.
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    I lose stuff all the time now, it's the wife and kids fault. This never happened back in my bachelor days.
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