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    So if you could....

    Kind of in a place like this

    One could only hope! pics are from on the road to Mt. Rushmore, sure wouldn't bust my ego none Mr fixit
    TO ARMS!!
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    So if you could....

    Have been there and done that. Miss it.
    We lived out in the bush up in the Sawtooth mtn range. Had to drive 280 miles to go to the store. ( one way )
    No running H2o No elec. Had oil lamps, wood stove to cook on and in.
    Stored meats in a hole in the ground in the frozen premafrost.

    I had a sand point well with a hand pump for water. Drove in down through the floor of the cabin right next to the wood stove. That way the pipe stayed warn enough so it did not freeze all winter.
    The wife and i both miss the good old days. If not for health reasons we would still be out in the bush.
    Always watch your back trail

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    So if you could....

    The wife and I did the bush life for awhile. Could again if pressed. Got sort of spoiled these days living on the fringe with power, plumbing, access, and positive cash flow. Somehow we think we are stylin now that we sometimes cook outside and poop inside mostimes.


    Lost track of you there for a while. Drop me an email one day. I check it everysooften these days.

    Am fritterin away my time pulling freight up the Haul Road. sort of Semi-Retired as it were

    Keeps me busy and the view from my "office" is spectacular. Getting paid to sit on my butt is a bonus.

    My best,

    Porquipines are peacefull creatures but God still saw fit to give them quills.

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    So if you could....

    LOL Coldfingers.

    I'm a city girl now---the population where I'm at is over 800!

    Don't think I'll ever live in the bush again though I don't regret a moment of it. Well, maybe a couple of moments. All in all it was good though.

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