Very cool stuff.

When we were at camp (my days were 1963 til 1970, summers only except for 1963) we had a floatplane bring stuff in now and then, but we had a nice little vegetable garden and ate a LOT of salmon and halibut and ---YUMMERS--- dungeoness crab. Smoked salmon done the 'spreadable' way in an old refrigerator - smokehouse -- you could spread it on hard tack like deviled ham, and top it with a bunch of mayo --- I still can't hardly eat smoked salmon without mayo.

I would get to bathe in the kitchen, which was also the livingroom, in our tiny floathouse cabin, right next to the oil-barrel stove, also right next to where my dad and uncle came in and sat down for lunch, also right next to where my mom was doing something at the stove or kitchen sink. In an oblong-shaped galvanized tub with nice hot water heated on the woodstove.

I learned modesty and privacy are not the same thing but it was okay 'cuz we were out in the boonies and it was no big deal to anybody.

My big 'chores' were SOMETIMES doing the dishes and pretending my brother was 'helping' dry them, and carrying in the kindling after my dad sliced it up. In hindsight they really didn't expect me to be of any use whatsoever except for munching on the green onions in the garden.

Night times I sometimes sat after my parents went to bed reading ( by coleman pump-up lantern, of course, which I was not allowed to touch except to turn it off if I was the last one up) National Geographics, Reader's Digest, or our 1960 Compton's Encyclopedia set.

And I was never bored for a minute, out there with no electricity, no neighbors (no ROADS), nothing but the tidepools and mosquitos and horseflies . . . . and bear and deer and eagles and whales and porpoises and mink and seals and the occasional fisherman stopping by for coffee . . . . .

And those were the best days of my life. Ended when I was 10 as a full time (at least seasonal) way of life.

TV? We heard the moon landing on the radio. My mom didn't believe it really happened. She thought they made it up. She said it couldn't be done.

And that story would be a NUTHER topic!

Thanks, fellas and gals~! Reading your posts made me nostalgic and I just had to blab a little!