it's a state of mind also
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    it's a state of mind also

    I think wilderness living is a state of mind also.
    where i live now is rual, I live about 60 miles from a Big city (Atlanta).
    I have plans for the future to live further away and be more self reliant.
    I live on about 2 acres of land now, but i enjoy more because I can hunt,shoot guns,have bon fires and raise [email protected]$%, unlike I could when I lived in closer to the city.
    wilderness living is a state of mind for me now because I can do some of the things that I love and get me closer to being self reliant than before.
    I hunt therefore I provide meat for my family, I can fish also,I have cheaper housing and utilities also by being further out.
    I make homemade beer & wine, I have a vegatable garden, I am much more relaxed when at home(no traffic,sirens,close neighbors,other disturbances,etc..) therefore wilderness living is a state of mind for me and comforts me also.

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    it's a state of mind also

    It's a great way to live, firebiker. I'm in Alaska and when I lived in a very remote location I hardly ever visited a grocery store.

    One of the things I loved about it was that my time wasn't filled up with "errands"--going here and there to get this or that. I'd go for staples once a month or so, never bought meat or fish, or vegetables in the summer.

    I'm in a small town now...remote by lower 48 standards but a bit much for me sometimes.

    Great post and I understand completely.

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