Poultry Shortage
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Thread: Poultry Shortage

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    Poultry Shortage

    I thought I would mention my thoughts on what may be an up coming problem. There reportedly is "Bird Flu" in as many as 16 states and apparently the way to combat the spread of the disease is to destroy all flocks that come into contact with infected birds. In Minnesota it was said to have devastated the population of chicken and turkeys and many millions of birds have been destroyed. I heard on FOX today that pork prices are expected to rise as a result of poultry shortages. I went to my local grocery and bought enough chicken to fill my freezers and several cans of canned chicken. I still got a good price and it won't go to waste if this "shortage" doesn't pan out. Just my thoughts and maybe a heads up for something coming in the near future.
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    I'm lucky as I don't have to worry about pork or poultry.
    I shot 2 hogs last weekend so I'll have plenty of pork and sausage in the freezer by this weekend.
    I also have about 3 dozen chickens running around here to provide plenty of eggs and poultry.
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    City folks can supplement that shortage with pigeons. The problem I see is if you fully cook the infected chickens there is no problem eating it. Kind of like when they had that problem with hot dogs and bologna, people that got sick were eating it raw.

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