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    interesting topic

    Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Vivadi I can listen to, and often do right along with Willie, Waylon and the boys, or Rock, but my favorite music is Southern Gospel really love the harmony.

    Keep a grin on........
    If you get better with age, I'm pretty close to MAGNIFICENT!!

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    interesting topic

    Alabama has a little of everything. It all depends on where you look. I live outside Birmingham and it's gettin crowded, but I could get on the highway and in 45min to an hour be very isolated. There are 4 "major cities" Huntsville, Birmingham, Montgomery, and Mobile. Then a few mid sized areas, after that it's all small town and country. A comfortable mix I suppose. I hunt in a club in wester Alabama and its like going back in time about a hundred years, but its about 3 hours from work :cry:
    'll think of something gimme a minute

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