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Thread: Need feedback on a Wildcat Cartridge before I buy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drm50 View Post
    I was wrong on Ackley manual , 219 is in volume 1. Here's data, image.jpeg
    It seems like this cartridge likes 3031. Every load data write up I have found rates 3031 high for performance and accuracy with the Zipper and Improved Zipper.
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    I have owned 3 Rifles chambered for Ackley Improved cartridges and never owned dies for them. Always managed to use parts of other die sets to reduce them and then fire formed. Trim and and neck size. Most extreme was forming 22 Ackley Jet from 357 cases. On all them it helps to anneal shoulder and neck. If you do to much reduction at one bite you will get some corrigation.
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    Parent cartridge being the 30-30 I am not surprised that the Zipper would also like the 3031 . It has always been a go to for 30-30 for as long as I can remember .
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