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Thread: straight case wildcat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drm50 View Post
    I have shot gummy tips in 45/70 and am not impressed. My old 1895 will shoot average 1.25" at 100yds with 300gr Hornady JHPs shooting off bench with scope. I shot 2 plus boxes of gummies and group opened to almost 2". Locals love them and think they are atomic deer killers. They are stand shooting deer at 40-50 yds most with TC or Marlin 95 guide series. Any 45/70 bullet will kill a deer and gummy tip don't mean squat except to keep tip of primer in tube. when you get into 38 cal and above the ratio of weight to bore diameter to make a target accuracy bullet is near impossible without increasing the weight which is going to decrease velocity.
    Me & Bro have been debating center drill base of 375H&H spitzer bullets to remove weight and plugging hole with Alumilum rod stock. We haven't done it yet because we don't know what effect that would have like Expansion of bullet diameter that could increase pressure. We have nose drilled and filled HP with wax and that didn't shoot as well as 200 or 220 FN bullets.
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    I'm late to this party, but I think DRM could benefit by defining his parameters. Right now he's asking for the straight wall cartridge .357 bullet diameter or larger that will be most accurate and have the fastest velocity. Those criteria are too broad, because merely seating a bullet over the largest capacity case is the obvious solution. But he's after deer, not T. Rex.

    What accuracy do you require? Less than 1 MOA? 1 MOA? 2? All these are minute of deer or better at 200 yards, even 300 yards. Yes, better accuracy is always interesting and desirable, but is it necessary?

    What bullet weight do you need? Of course lighter ones can be pushed faster, but heavier ones (longer) will be more stabile and more accurate at longer ranges, but at the expense of more recoil and lesser velocity.

    What velocity do do you feel you need related to the above?

    Systems become unstable and less reliable when approaching their theoretical maximums.

    It might help to moderate perimeters to select for, rather than ideal ones.
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