Ground Speed Read Out- SR-71
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Thread: Ground Speed Read Out- SR-71

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    Ground Speed Read Out- SR-71

    Worth your time! Classic USAF vs. Naval Aviation

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    I love this story!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maineiac View Post
    I love this story!

    When I was a radar tech in the Marines stationed at Kaneohe HI back in the 80's, I worked on a 300 mile search radar system - one day we got a blip on the screen with an IFF data tag and it went away only to reappear one time about 2 or three sweeps later exiting on the other side of the scope and then gone - I happened to be in the traffic control hut playing a role as 'tech con' (technical control) between the traffic controllers and the technicians for tactical data systems, air radio and radar etc. for that day's missions when it occurred. The Major playing Senior air controller at the time did some calling around on the radio - a USAF SR-71 had taken off from Okinawa and blasted across the Pacific on its way to Nevada or New Mexico or wherever. It was so radar avoidance coated and moving so fast that we only got two positive hits on it that was tied to the Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) system. That was the only time I am aware of us getting any hits - the radio crackled that we were to be advised that it was their third run of the day - so they had already crossed us like 4 or five times (round trip) without ever being noticed getting picked up by our systems. I don't know if the commercial or AF radars at Hickam/Honolulu airport were aware of the flights and getting hits but I think it was a Hickam AF controller that advised of the 3 flights, (so I'm guessing they were at least aware), but we darn sure were in the dark with our USMC tactical search systems.
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    That's OUTSTANDING!!


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