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Thread: what was the fastest car you ever had?

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    I'm with Tranteruk. My fastest car was a motorcycle. Faster in the straights and curves than anything else, except when it was wet or icy.
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    I had 2. The first was a 1964 Ford Galaxy XL, 390 police intercepter with 3 2's. With the progressive linkage to 60, step on it and it would push you back in the seat. The second was a 1965 Ford Falcon, 289 bored to 302, balanced and blueprinted, BorgWarner T10 trans and Jardine headers. Broke a motor mount a month and changed them in about 10 min. Nice little dent in hood. Good times and just before I left for Vietnam.
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    This is it.
    1969 Plymouth Roadrunner.
    Bought it in the spring of '70 with 16,000 miles on it, and immediately pulled the engine, a 426 Hemi, and had it balanced and blueprinted by Ed Pink, who also installed 13 1/2 to 1 forged aluminum pistons and rods to match,and went to a very high lift cam with 120 degrees of overlap.
    Ported and polished the heads and intake, and stuck with the Carter Carbs because I was running out of money.
    Sounded sweet at idle, a real thump that shook the whole car.
    727 Torqueflite with a 3500 RPM stall converter.
    323 rear which functioned as a 391 in low and a 308 in high gear of the hone-o-drive.
    The hone-o-drive unit was basically a inline two speed transmission you cut the drive shaft and installed.Worked about
    the same as a 2 speed rear.
    Looked cool because there were 2 shifters one behind the other.
    Had to have a custom drive shaft made to do it.
    Malcolm Durham Supercar Engineering did that for me.
    In low it turned the Quarter in a 11 seconds.
    Had to install ladder bars and a pinion snubber to keep it on the ground at takeoff.
    In high it went well past the speedometers ability to register.
    I tried to peg it out once and chickened out a bit over 160.
    Had to adjust the valves all the time, and the twin Carter 4 BBLs
    Could be tricky.
    Nothing else I ever owned even came close to it for pure brute acceleration. That feel of being shoved back in your seat was a thrill for sure.
    Nowadays that kind of performance is available in a brand new car. But in 1970, you had to do it for yourself, or buy the services of a real pro to do it for you like I did.
    Stock 426 Hemi Roadrunners ran the Quarter in the mid 13's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 467CAV View Post
    I've been a car guy all my life and owned lots of street muscle. GTO, Camaro, Chevelle, GS, etc. The fastest was the 86 Cavalier that I built in '93 for the street. Amazing the reaction you get when you pull into the drive-in! Yup, that's 467 inches of Pontiac.
    WOW!! LOVE it! Nothing sounds like a Pontiac....nothing....
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    it is amazing seeing all these cars and stories about these cars on a gun forum! I had no idea I would get this response when I started it. I was just thinking about that 69 Chevelle my buddy Ralph had with the 327 I mentioned in my opening. another car around my area that was a stunning beauty was a shiny black 67 GTX a boy named Timmy colson owned. it had a very built 440, man that thing was mean!
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