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Thread: My first venture into Recurve.. stressing about low poundage, stressing about arrows.

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    A 25# bow will shoot an arrow through a deer broadside. At 35# you should be okay. People have provided a lot of good information here but one thing I didn't see is broad head selection. For a light bow weight, you should shoot a cut on contact type of broadhead. Most modern broad heads are pointy with 3 to 4 blades. A cut on contact has a cutting tip instead of a point. It takes less weight to get them through the deer. Spine for the arrows is dependent on the bow as much as weight. Some like to shoot the arrows without fletchings through paper at 10 yards. If the spine is right the arrows will go through the paper like a bullet hole. If it kicks left, I think it is over spined, right, under spined, etc. Please check and you will find the rules. Once you get the spine right for the broad head weight selected you should be good. Broad head weight does affect arrow spine. Anyway, you should be okay once you find arrows you and the bow like. Shooting a lighter weight bow accurately is also better than shooting a heavier weight bow poorly. Same that applies to guns, right?


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    Draw length is key info needed, as earlier stated. If you learn how to fletch your own arrows ( and you should, it is fun and easy), you could use a 1916 aluminum shaft, Easton xx75 alloy “ Tributes” for $3 each per shaft. Need a glue in insert for the front ( to screw in points or broadheads), and glue on nocks, plus three feathers/ fletching 4” long ( parabolic or shield cut ).

    I shoot the 64” version of the Sage ( Journey). Started with 30lb limbs, then 35#, then 40#. I draw near 30”. The Sage/Journey is very forgiving for arrows. I have shot 1816, 1916, 2016, 500 Gamegetters, 3355 GoldTips on all those limbs, and they shoot pretty closely together. I love the 35# limbs. As long as that draw weight is legal we’re you hunt, you could cleanly take a deer with it. zwickey Eskimo or Eskilites 2-blade broadhead are low-cost and TOUGH ( about $15-16/ pack of 3). Lancaster archery is a great source for these items.

    Keep your shots inside 20 yards ( 15 yards even better), and put the arrow right behind the shoulder.

    Two great trad archery websites to check out : stickbow leatherwall, and tradgang
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