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Thread: Is Frog Gigging Hunting or Fishing?

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    Used to go giging in an airboat with a car headlight and a non barbed gig
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    Quote Originally Posted by Texas Shooter View Post
    . . . We skinned the entire frog and then cut off the head and fried them whole. They were big frogs and there was a fair amount of meat along the back and front legs. . .
    Yes, if it was a big bullfrog, my dad would skin out the whole thing. That man never wasted a free meal from nature. While squirrel hunting he'd pick up nuts, may apples, persimmons, etc. As a matter of fact, the first rabbit I ever ate was a roadkill picked up by Dad (rabbit's head hit the bottom of a truck - wasn't "squished" by the tires). He saw that up ahead of us, pulled over on a multi-lane highway, and dodged traffic to get to it before a following vehicle might squish it, while he was wearing dress shirt, necktie, and a business suit.

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    Judson, that is quite a story!!!! I would have liked your Dad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drm50 View Post
    Frog gigging was a big deal down this way but has dried up. For some reason the Frogs are thin.
    There's a fungus or something that's killing off the frogs.
    The law of unintended consequences has stepped in and our ecosystem is hurting. Used to hear the bass drum of bullfrogs in Alabama so loud you had to raise your voice to be heard. Now it's just the peepers.
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    One time years ago there was a mine fresh water pond that was completely matted with weeds. It was lousy with frogs and snappers.
    It was hard to get around it one side was a high wall and other sides were briars except a few spots kids had whacked out to fish for Bluegill. It was situated on the road between the mine and the load out. Me and wife decided we were going to get a sack of frogs there.
    We went down in the day time with a 22 and fishing pole. I would pop the frog and wife would cast a Jitterbug out and snag it. The Tipple boss was constantly up and down that road. When he came by I tucked rifle in weeds and wife would be cranking in a frog. After about three passes he stopped. And ask us what we were catching them frogs on. Wife showed him the Jitterbug and he said it was damnest think he ever herd tell of. He went back up to mine and was telling everyone about it. Some of them old boys knew what was going on but some didn't. They stirred up the story that resulted in local hardware having a run on Jitterbugs.
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    About 30 years ago a good buddy and I started night fishing (mostly bass) about three nights a week. Once a week seemed to end up an "all nighter", but the other two usually had us home around midnight since we both had our normal day job responsibilities. Sometime in the early 90's we were night fishing the moss bed edges with weightless 6 inch red/silver glitter sensations (plastic worms with little "wings") and spotted the eyes of a big bull frog with the spot light. Not sure now if it was him or me that laughingly tossed the first worm at one of them frogs, but like 3-4 other fishing "discoveries" this turned out to be one for sure. A weightless worm can be a bit difficult to cast for any distance with normal bass fishing bait casting (open faced) reels, but we both had reels we could set way down and thumb control for at least 40-50 feet. It turned out that the best approach was to spotlight the "target" and slowly maneuver the boat to within casting distance, then try to lay the worm down about 5 feet or so past the frog. Then slowly try to twitch it back (on the surface) as close to, or touching, the frog. At least 9 times out of 10 was going to be a winner. Just the spectacle of the whole thing was extremely entertaining. From then on, every time we would hear that bull frog song the bass fishing would get delayed until there was another frog or two in the live well with the bass.

    Two or three years into the frog fun, I ran into the state's head Parks and Wildlife guy (wearing a silly looking "General" type get-up) at a restaurant. I asked him about what license was required, if any, to take frogs on rod and reel which was a bit unique from all I'd ever heard. As I've always had a combo-hunting/fishing license since 1969 it really didn't matter to me ... unless the state suddenly decided to add a special frog license I wasn't aware of. The old guy was a bit of a jerk anyway, so he rambled a bit and informed me that if I had a frog in the boat that I'd best have a hunting license or I'd be facing a fine and or jail.

    And to think, back in the mid 60's when old Dr. Jack would take me and his son out to the stock ponds with his flat bottom boat, neither me or little Jim had a license (of any kind). Old Dr. Jack would skull that old flat bottom with one hand while holding the (very weak by today's standards) flashlight on the frog with the other hand. Jim and I would take turns with our old .410's popping frogs.

    I like pig, cow, read meat in general and bird meat, but I can't imagine life without being heavily influenced by frog legs, crawfish, crappie, bass, catfish .....

    Dang, now I'm hankering for frog legs ....

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    I gave up gigging after a big ole snake grabbed a frog I gigged, I run the gig down his through as far as I know that gig & snake are still at the bottom of that pond.
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