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Thread: A moral quandry, and my decision as to what to do

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    I'm in a situation where my son really isn't into shooting at all. So I have no one to really leave my stuff to. I'm not sure what to do when I'm not able to get out and enjoy all my rifles and hand guns that I do have now. I'll probably wind up selling them off and 7 were passed down from my grand father to my father and to me. I've still got to get the last 3 of them including a very nice Win original in 45-90.
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    I'm into similar situation. My son and grandson love to shoot targets with 22s but aren't into hunting. They are more into hi tech toys.
    My brother has about as many guns as I do and his boy is my only nephew. I got nieces out the kazoo. I have all the family guns and those are the only ones I care about. I'm handing them out as family heirlooms to the younger in family that will keep them. The others are just guns and I will sell them off. The reason I ended up with the family guns, pocket watches and such were the elders wanted to have them kept in the family. I want to do the same. If I didn't have family to hand these down to I don't know what I would do. To others they are just a gun, like most I have. I guess I would sell them myself.
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    In the same boat. Mine are already logged with values in case the unexpected happens. I am now in the process of "thinning the heard". There are family members that want my firearms, but most of them I wouldnt trust with one. I believe most of them would sell them off anyway. So I'm selling off pieces one or two at at a time mostly on consignment at one of the local fun stores. When I'm finished with that I will have kept just what I know I'll be using. I don't hunt as much as I used to and the money goes right back into my "fun budget". Jeeps cost money.

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