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    I hope for your sake the geese/swans were flying North!
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    We got over a foot of snow yesterday and last night.
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    I love woods walks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 256WinMag View Post
    I hope for your sake the geese/swans were flying North!
    I live in the North, they flew North to get here We have many ducks and geese that breed in the area. More go beyond the border, which makes for an interesting waterfowl season as after about the first weekend or so they get burned out and then we have a dry spell until they freeze out in Canada and fly through. A lot of Swans and geese breed locally in the little potholes. Yesterday I drove by a river an saw flocks of ducks setting in the river mouth on a smaller lake off the road. Unlikely the rivers will freeze anymore.

    Wood cock also come back through here but they would have awful slim pickings this spring as there is very little open ground. I don't shoot them anymore but enjoy seeing one. They tend to have strong taste. Haven't seen any turkeys yet so I don't know how they wintered. There were quite a few last fall and the flocks were larger. Turkeys were introduced to this area. Never saw any around until very recently, maybe the last 10 years or so. I have no idea what they eat in the winter time.

    Spring has always been a time of mixed feelings. Feels good to see the snow melt away and the warm up is enjoyable but the snow and mud do not permit one to do much for a bit. So far its freezing at nights which may help prevent any major flooding. I saw where it looked like the local recreational trails got plowed off so people can walk on them now. We have a lot of old railroad beds that were made into recreational trails for snowmobiling and cross country skiing.

    Got to varnish the snow shoes and put them away for next winter. They are going to see more use so I don't get quite so out of shape. 700Rem with his pictures may have influenced me a bit. Maybe I can even keep some weight off. I could if I would eat more healthy, wife ahs tried to cook in that manner, but I have started to cook more. Food tastes so good.
    Especially meat and potatoes with normal vegetables instead of animal fodder.


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