Now I did it.
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Thread: Now I did it.

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    Now I did it.

    Well, today is the first day since I took my tumble Jan 25th that I have felt anywhere close to looking at a computer. I'm still down, but getting better. I stepped backward off a stool, my foot caught and I fell backward and hit the wall behind me about 3 feet off the floor then bounced around on the floor. Sheered the skit out of me! At first I couldn't move but it was just the shock, I did finally manage to get up enough to sit down on a short stool, but had to go back to the floor. After a brief discussion with the Wife, she called an ambulance and shortly we were off to the ER. X-rays of neck, back, shoulder and hip; nothing broken, Thank The Lord.
    Lots of moaning and groaning this past 2 weeks but with the help of my sweet wife, a lot of prayers and some muscle relaxers, some good (but nasty) pain pills I have began to recover. Night before last was the first food I had sitting up, not fun eating and drinking lying down. All I can say is, if you need to look on top of the fridge get a real step stool. And be careful, think before you step, put a foot on the floor before you start your lean, just sayin.
    Y'all keep on keepin on, PawPaw1941
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    Prayers sent PawPaw1941.

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    Glad your ok. Prayer sent for a speedy recovery.

    Be careful out there. ( I knew a co-worker that lost her husband because he fell off a 8ft ladder at home and landed on his head.)
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    PawPaw1941 -
    Ye has gots to be more careful! Glad you're getting around better.

    At some point, you learn (at least the Wife hopes so!) that you can't listen to the 19 year old in the back of yore head that says "You can do this!" He lies! (Yanna guess how I know?)

    In any case, my Bride now knows why I spent the extra $$ for a proper step stool for the kitchen/house/shop - you know the kind - its got a "railing" at the top to hang onto and it only has 3 steps! Need more elevation than that? Get the ladder along with "someone" to hold it and "advise". I know it's a PIA, but falling ain't worth the pain.

    Hope you continue to improve and prayers sent to that effect.

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    My wife did that 14 weeks ago, also off a step stool--a good one. Except that she ended up with a tibial plateau fracture. She was ordered absolutely no weight bearing on that knee for 12 weeks, and is just now beginning to walk around the house, first with a walker, then with a cane. She was told that a total knee replacement is in her future, after this injury.

    From her experience, I know what you are going through. Consider yourself very fortunate that nothing is broken. If you continue having pain, get it checked out. Sometimes fractures don't show up immediately. They are much more apparent after they have begun to heal for a week or two.

    May the rest of your recovery be rapid and complete.
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    Nothing like a fall to remind us of how old we are. We may be mentally tough, but I had to learn the hard way that I break a lot easier than I did 50 years go and take waaaay longer to recover. Stay safe and keep Mom from saying 'I told ya so!'
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    Hope ya heal up fast.good luck
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    The older we get the more fragile we are, like it or not. A friend (80 y.o.) fell on his tread mill. Broke his hip and shoulder. While being prepped for surgery he went into convultions and died.
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    A by product of those falls is the "whip lash" like you see in car accidents. You will be sore for a while even with no broken bones. I threw my hip out of joint this winter and went to see a chiropractor. On my second session it was a wintry day and the sidewalk had ice on it slicker than snot. I went down so quick it was like I was walking and then I was on the sidewalk. The chiropractor had some concern, and went out and salted the walk even though it was not her walk. Unfortunately I had to go to another bone cracker. This one was recommended but she was a bit petite and I needed someone built more like a linebacker with a similar attitude. The chiropractor that put it back in just about pushed me through the table but darn did it feel good after. If things keep hurting and you can find a good one they often can help.


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    I have had chiropractors crack my bones back in place for years (all started when I slipped off a roof and landed on my feet some 35 + years ago). Some of the male Chiropractors can get me back in shape rather quickly, while others grunt and groan and bounce on my frame all for nothing. Had a really cute female Chiropractor for a couple of years, and some days she'd get it and some days she couldn't. But I never got tired of her climbing all over me trying. She had a good spirit about it all and I really liked her. A job move carried me too far away to risk a "maybe fix" some 70 miles each way. I ended up with a huge bear of a man Chiropractor that never failed to snap me back in place. I stuck with him until he passed rather suddenly (stomach cancer). Haven't found another good one since.

    It takes a strong man to shift bones around with stout back muscles that are also drawn up. I constantly worry about my wife climbing up on stools to reach the upper cabinets. A fall from only a couple of feet can create long lasting pains. she actually fell backwards one time, where her fanny hit the dining room table, which flipped over at and angle, where she slipped down with her arm out stiffly to break her fall............. it broke her wrist in the process. (I sure got a lot of dirty looks from the nurses, and later found out they grilled the wife about me being the cause. They wanted her to tell them I pushed her down some stairs or something!) Two surgeries and a plastic plate later, she still climbs on stools. Ya'll be careful out there, and don't climb a stool or ladder without thinking it through and looking it over very well! Ask for help.
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