Walnut for my Model G30
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    Walnut for my Model G30

    I bought a Glenfield Model 30 a few years ago with the intention of having it re-bored by JES to a 356Winchester. At the time a little thing was in the way of doing that.($$) It will get there eventually but I have another project I'm saving for before I get to it.

    I really like the feel and look of the half magazine! None of my other Marlins feel just like it does. It took me a little bit to warm up to the Marlins with the pistol grip stocks but now I'm good with either on the 336. The 1894 only looks right and handles well with the straight stock for me. Now back to the Glenfield...

    At the time I purchased it I already had a buttstock to fit a 336 stuck back for just such an occasion. It looks like it might be a while before I get the caliber change done so I had the idea to go ahead and get a forearm and I could start hunting a bit sooner. ( I know, I know I could start hunting with the original Birch stock. )

    There isn't anything wrong with the original other than the finish has peeled off here and there, a few light scratches, and that horrible impressed "checkering." The deer and the Oak leaves just don't appeal to me!

    So where should I begin the search for the forearm? It has the forearm cap not a barrel band and that seems to be the limiting factor in finding one. I don't want to refinish them and put them back on because of the butt ugly impressed deer and Oak leaves on them.
    Any suggestions gentleman? Any help would be appreciated!

    p.s. Please remember that the rifle has a forearm cap not a barrel band.
    p.p.s. If anyone is looking for the "deer and oak leaves" stock set should find me a forearm and we can make a deal!

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