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Thread: Stopped at a pawn shop today

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    Pawn shops are not resellers at heart. They are lenders and they loan low and the collateral is deliberately overpriced. That’s how they make their real money... the borrower never comes back for the collateral because it’s overpriced and the foolish customer that buys the item at it’s overpriced ticket is the mark. If the shop is robbed....the insured “value” is paid by the underwriter.

    If you shop at pawn shops you have to be tight and hold tight.

    I once found myself sitting in Longview, Tx stuck for a day and went to town for lunch. Saw a pawn shop named for my own first name so I just HAD to go inside. Saw two really nice Pre-64 Winchester ‘94s priced at $500 each. Visiting with the owner I warmed up to him and led him into a few stories and he gave a few back to me. I offered $500 for the pair.... and he laughed and agreed... not because I haggled well.... but because he knew I knew he was “in” for only about a hundred bucks each.

    Still got those two (early 1950’s) guns and the only thing wrong with them was one needed a front sight hood.

    Don’t go into a pawn shop thinking you might find a bargain. There are no bargains in pawn shops. But you MIGHT find a fair deal if you’re willing to pay top price in cash at the end of the month when they’re facing payroll.
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    There is a well used Ranger in my local pawn shop for $85. Maybe someone will eventually pony up $50 & give it a good home!

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    I have only found two deals in pawn shops, in the last yr a 70 marlin & a 60 $120 on the 70 $119 on the 60.
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