Early Fathers Day
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Thread: Early Fathers Day

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    Early Fathers Day

    Yep it came early today we stopped at a buddies gun shop, my wife left me there & did a little shopping. When she came back Glenn said bring the check book, He has found one he wants, & wonders of wonder she OK. I am now a proud owner of a Keltec PMR 30,loaded it feels like it weights about 8 oz. If you can't see the sights you need a white cane. I know I have not been that good.
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    Congrats, but I guess they're havin' problems with the site because, well...I don't see any pics you MUST HAVE posted! You did post pics right...cuz you'z knows da rules!
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    Congratulations Mike!!!

    One FUN gun for sure. Love mine, as you already know. You do need to tweek them a little here and there to get them to run well. I will look up a past post of mine and try to post it into this thread on working out the bugs. Just a little polishing and some magazine lubrication really. I hope yours runs as good as mine. Seems some do and some don't. The more you shoot them the better they get too. The magazines is really the only fault the gun has. If Keltec would have made metal mags...oh my....


    Make the PMR reliable by:

    lubricate each magazine inside, I grease the inside of the mag along with the follower, anywhere the two touch inside
    polish the ENTIRE feed ramp and face of the barrel all around the breach
    polish the barrel's inner chamber to a high chromelike shine everywhere the round contacts the chamber
    be very careful loading the magazines!! Each round must be placed properly, and I bought a magazine loader that I LOVE
    this loader REALLY helps:
    Also STOP loading rounds at 25 per magazine

    Shoot it and shoot it a LOT. The more you break this gun in, the better it gets. The only failure i've had for a LONG time is inside the magazine. The follower will stick once in a while and not feed a round into the chamber. The grease helps this a LOT, but the only real 100% cure I think would be metal mags that no one has made. Usually I can run 6-8 mags clean as a whistle, I have 9 mags for mine now. The last few trips have been 100%. You have to remember, this isn't a self defense firearm, it's a range toy....and a REALLY FUN ONE!!!

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