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Thread: Breaking In my XT 22 WMR

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    Generally it doesn't take hundreds of rounds for a good rifle to shoot well.

    If you are shooting nickle size groups at 40 yards with iron sights - there's nothing wrong with your rifle.

    Sounds like you have a good one.

    My experience is that it's usually less than 20 rounds to knock down whatever small burrs are left over from reaming the chamber or to knock down a sharp edge on the rifling.

    My general strategy was the shoot one/clean regimen until there isn't much fouling left after 1 shot... If it still fouls badly after 5 or 10 rounds like this - consider running 5 or 10 fire lapping rounds down the barrel.

    If that doesn't help - there's a problem with the rifle and it goes back home to The Factory.

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    Ran a box of 50 CCI's with 3 duds then Federal 40g and about 20 did not fire, most that fired were the first few dozen.
    The dents all looked shallow even on the ones that ignited.
    My dents were flat and another shooter there with a "Similar" bolt action 22wmr, his dents were sharp hatchet strike shaped.

    Firing pin looks normal, rifle is only at about 200 rounds total,

    Whutchaguys think?
    I like long shots

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    The first thing I would check is the firing pin protrusion at the bolt face.
    I am assuming that your XT-22 WMR bolt and firing pin is similar to my 883, and has the flat blade style firing pin that runs in a slot at the 2 o'clock position on the bolt. It is easy to push the firing pin forward on the style of bolt to check the amount of protrusion.
    If you remove the firing pin for any reason, make sure that the return spring doesn't get mangled when you put it back together. It is very easy to crush it when inserting the firing pin. It must be compressed slightly in order to get the firing pin back in. If you have the style of bolt that is in my 883, this can be difficult to do. The 883 bolt doesn't come apart unless you drill out the front retaining pin. Hopefully, you have the style of bolt that the front half comes apart by just twisting it to the release slot in the front half. These bolts are much easier to install the firing pin into them.
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    I had light strikes on my 983 in 2005. Took out the firing pin and polished it well with oil and 1000 grit paper, reinstalled and not a misfire since.

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