.41 mag FG Range outing
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Thread: .41 mag FG Range outing

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    .41 mag FG Range outing

    So Saturday my brother and I go to the public range. It was a mad house we had to take charge and run the thing to make sure of our own safety. I digressed.

    I shot my NIB .41 FG and I only shot some 240 grain Winchester silver tips because I left my 220 grain FNHCGC's at the house on accident.

    First round jammed. Pulled the lever off and round popped up, screwed lever back on and chambered the round and fired at 50 yards. Shooting left. Adjusted and raised cross hairs. Failure to chamber the next round. Removed lever and round popped up again. Screwed lever back on. I emptied magazine and tightened all the screws. None were very loose. Rounds would cycle when hard slamming lever. It would lock up when racked slowly. From then on only loaded three rounds.

    So I fired six shots for effect. 1 1/2" high at 50 yards. All six shots were touching one another. Very happy with the accuracy and the hammer of 240 grains. When examining cycling I noticed the nose of the bullet hanging up on the lifter. These bullets OAL is just a tad to long. I will still use it for now and only load 3 rounds.

    Very happy with this rifle. Just has the same ole Marlin picky about long fat bullets.
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    I never ran across that Winchester load, but it was a cranky .41 FG that bought me to the Marlin forum. I was having a great time with the "jam" and got a lot of good advice on curing it. As long as I stuck with round nose profile bullets it was fine, load a swc and hang up every one on the chamber mouth. One of my favorite loads is an LBT wfn, 265 grain bullet, until I made one more change it was a single shot proposition. Then Ranger Point bought out that extractor they designed. Now my FG feeds everything that I feed it, from 210 grain to 295 grains and no complaints. That rifle was always my favorite Marlin, and I expect it always will be.
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