Cartridges suitable for tubular magazine loading.
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Thread: Cartridges suitable for tubular magazine loading.

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    Cartridges suitable for tubular magazine loading.

    Not quite sure this is the proper Forum area for posting my question, but a magazine article raises a question. While reading Outdoor Live, Spring 2019 issue in my MD's office, I noticed an article on lever guns. Interesting suggestions on improving accuracy. The article also stated Hornady's FTX polymer tip bullets are safe for use in tubular magazines. My search of past posts using FTX bullets noted lots of comments on reloading but nothing about their safe use in tubular magazines. Have I missed something here and this is common knowledge? Comments on the safe use of Hornady FTX bullets in tubular magazines, please.

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    From Hornady's web site:

    "Hornady® FTX® bullets revolutionized lever gun ballistics, creating a new level of performance for these popular firearms. Lever gun enthusiasts can now harness the accuracy, power and long-range performance of a tipped bullet that's safe to load in tubular magazines."
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    Common knowledge, the FTX bullets have been around for a while now.
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    I personally don't care for gummy tips but I have some and have shot them. Some guns like'm and some don't. I don't because of the performance of the bullet at close range. My brother shot a deer and couldn't find it and I tracked it down 200 yards away. His shot was 50 yards +-. Hit it right where you supposed to. Didn't bleed much until about 100 yards out. Give me a flat/round nose lead tip any day.
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