I’m setup with a tac65 and a Ruger American in .22LR. and several .22 pistols that have threaded barrels.
One thing you should be aware of when using a suppressor is FRP. First Round Pop is when you fire the first shot it will be louder than subsequent shots due to air in the barrel and suppressor burning off. The next rounds will be quieter due to the inert gases in the barrel and suppressor that are left over from the first round.

I also run a Gemtec on my .308 rifles, it is very robust and has the quick disconnect feature. You buy a flash hider from Gemtec that has two small nubs on the side of it. Thread this onto your barrel, the suppressor has a spring plate inside it that compresses as you push it over the flash hider then you rotate the suppressor 90° and your done. Easy on, easy off. No threading each time.

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