Hearing Protection Act Anticipation Causes Unexpected Buying Freeze
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Thread: Hearing Protection Act Anticipation Causes Unexpected Buying Freeze

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    Hearing Protection Act Anticipation Causes Unexpected Buying Freeze

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    I fully expected that to happen.
    And I strongly believe that the bill will pass.
    I figured that this limbo would harm suppressor manufacturers until the bill passes, but they will make it up on the other side.
    If it doesn't pass, they will still get all those pent up Dollars from folks that were ready to buy, but were just waiting. If that does become the case, The ATF will have a flood of applications to process.

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    Yep! But making it up on the back end of the bill will not really be good for anyone, especially if the bill fails and we all have to continue to go through the ATF. Steel short term losses, which they are most assuredly going through, will result in loss of job and talent at the very least, and possibly production capacity, and even overall solvency for some firms.

    From the consumer's standpoint this means.....heavy backorders at best.

    Let's hope this bill passes, sooner rather than later. And if it fails, let's hope that it also does sooner rather than later.
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    There is some truth to that but I think the major reason there is a buying freeze is most people that were going to buy a suppressor did it before 41F took effect last year. Prior to July 13 there were hundreds of thousands of applications from people scrambling to submit Form 4 applications under the old rules. Starting that day, applications dropped off dramatically and this was long before HPA started to gain any momentum.

    As a result a lot of suppressor manufacturers have been affected and this has resulted in a depressed market due to too much supply and too little demand. As an example, SilencerCo started with employee layoffs a few months ago and is now offering a generous $200 rebate in order to boost sales. But the majority of people that were going to buy a suppressor already did it last year under the old rules.

    Personally I would be really surprised if the HPA passes. I have said it before but cannot imagine the government would be willing to give up a multi-billion dollar tax revenue system by de-regulation. If it does then great, at that point the wait times will still be astronomical as manufacturers try to keep up with demand. At this point I'm all set with NFA stuff and am still waiting on 6 stamps. As such I won't be in on the next rush, if it ever happens at all.

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    Health and safety law swung it this side of the pond, refuse an application and best be prepared for a law suit for ear damage.
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    I'm remaining optimistic the bill will pass but for me I'm not buying due to the even longer wait times. Just don't need anything that bad to pay in full and wait > 10 months for what is essentially a rubber stamp approval.

    Not it to mention this whole debacle is seriously affecting the manufacturers and resellers. Some of them may not be able to weather the storm

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    A lot has happened since the last post a year ago where optimism for the bill was still apparent. Now, I'm not seeing Congress in the mood to pass anything positive.
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    Washington DC is in Turmoil. With GOP representatives jumping ship like rats off the Titanic, don't expect anything that is Pro Gun. The Liberals and Left Wing Media are at full court press to get rid of Trump and are stalling for the Mid Term elections.

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    That should have been added to the tax bill along with CCW reciprocity.

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