Has anyone had any experience with veener sights offered by Track of the wolf.
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Thread: Has anyone had any experience with veener sights offered by Track of the wolf.

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    Has anyone had any experience with veener sights offered by Track of the wolf.

    I just got off the phone with one of their technicians. He basically told me those sights are made by Pedersoli and that the high end sights are much better for precision shooting. I will only use my Sharps for hunting and probably never shoot pass 300 yards. I am looking at there 3 inch height model for several reasons. Simple flat folding and price around $130.00 bucks. I still need to shoot my set up more before I make a decision to change anything.I am shooting about 6 inchs and maybe 4 to the right. My prescent concern is having enough adjustment to get a proper POA at 25 and 50 yards.
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    Well Gabby, undoubtedly, there are better, nicer operating & more expensive Soule sights out there, but I will tell you that I have a gold international Medal, shooting a Pedersoli sight on a Pedersoli rifle (given to me by Mr. Pedersoli ). I'd urge you to get the Hadley eye piece for it (adjustable aperture).
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    Those are nice sights but do you have experience hunting with this type of sight. I like Ladders and tangs for target shooting but wouldn't give a penny for one in the woods. May be okay for a stand Hunter to shoot stationary game. They are misrable on moving targets, for me anyway. I once got one up side my face shooting at jumped deer with RB 45/70. I've got ladders and tangs for most of my old originals but never use them in the field. I might if I was shooting buffalo.
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    I would guess you will be real challenged to get a close zero and still have 200 to 300 close.
    Does that sight lose windage when you move elevation? Some of the cheaper sights do.
    For 25 and 50 I would just go with an open, use the vernier sight for longer shots.
    I am not sure where you are from or where you plan to hunt but in my experience a deer size target beyond 100 yards gets real small.
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