East bank, nice shooting.I will be hunting my rifle as well. I was laying in bed this morning thinking of a way to sling it. I still hunt in ladder stands, as well as ground blinds. I usually carry my rifles into the woods in rifle cases that have shoulder slings. After I reach the seat, i"ll set a removable screw hanger behind me and hang my backpack and gun case.Not wanting to hold the rifle in my lap all day I bought one of those screw in accessory holder that I set above me and too my right. With a gun sling I can hang my rifle there and other goodies. I was thinking about ways to sling this rifles and your rifle sling set up confirmed my theory. I'm going to get a Brass Stacker buttcuff and attach to the barrel with one of those Uncle Mikes swivel clamps. I am a little concerned about them only encircling the barrel 3/4's of the way but that system has been used for a long time.So I'll just put my fears away and hunt comfortably. I'd probably scratch my rifle more trying too hold it in my lap all day than chance of the swivel breaking and dropping the gun. I can also use the same sling on my new Henry 357. Thanks for sharing the pics, they just confirmed to me that it will work.