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Thread: Henry single shots?

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    I too like single shot rifles. but in my hunting grounds I would modify mine. I would get a .357 MAG. I would send it off to Mike Bellm and have it chambered in the .357 Maximum cartridge. I can get .35 Remington (or close to it) power with a 180 grain bullet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by L Pete View Post
    I finally got to shoot my .30-30. It did decent at 100 yds. with my hand load of 125 gr. Sierra JHP and some H 322. I think it will do a lot better when I mount a scope on it as my eyes ain't what they used to be. Right now, I'm happy as the gun is minute-of-deer with the open sights. It's really a nice rifle.
    The 30-30 would be a great rifle to play with, using cast bullets. As it does not have to function through a repeating action you could use any cast bullet you wanted. Either very short ones or very long ones. J bullets would not have to be blunt either. For someone with 30-30 equipment it would be a fun little rifle to shoot similar to the 357 as far as recoil and load development.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray Newman View Post
    Have not had the opportunity to handle one, but from the pictures the Henry Single-Shot --except for the so called hammer -- looks good. And the price is not exorbitant. As for the hammer, I just wish it sported a more traditional hammer instead of what looks like a soda pop can flip top.

    Hoping to see a .30 WCF soon.
    I looked at one yesterday and the hammer sticks out like a sore thumb. Surely they can do better, unless it's a nostalgic thing. I don't know what hammers looked like way back when.
    Big, flatnose bullets eliminate tracking.

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    I bought a .357 a few months back. Have not cleaned or shot. What has been stated about the trigger/hammer is accurate!
    Already have a few handi's so compared to them: the wood is way nicer on the Henry, the Henry price is reasonable, the metal on the Henry is finished better,it has a nice recoil pad (not needed on .357), the Henry rear sight will need to come off to mount the 1 piece steel scope base that I have, the Henry hammer cocking requires a bit of force(way more than handi), the trigger pull is heavy on the Henry. Despite the trigger/hammer issue -- I am satisfied with what I received for what I paid. I was also satisfied with what I got for what i paid with the handi's, however since handi's are no longer produced the prices for them in .357 is quite high, unless you are purchasing from someone that is not aware of the going price.
    There is a fix for the trigger /hammer, which can readily be found by searching.

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    I’d love one. Unfortunately they’re not imported into Australia.

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