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Thread: Guns for southpaws

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    My son is left handed, but I taught him to shoot right handed.
    He's glad I did now.
    I'm right handed but can shoot either way.
    I actually prefer a LH bot rifle.
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    For a shotgun IMO you can't beat a Browning BPS bottom feed eject, Tang safety.
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    If you can afford to go as high as about $1300, Montana Rifle Company offers almost everything you can think of in lefty. And they make some gorgeous rifles.

    I'm looking at a 7x57 Mauser by Montana. If you're not familiar with that cartridge, the 7mm08 is a modern day duplicate of it (performance wise), and there are loads of (RH only) surplus rifles available.

    Zastava also makes lefties in a number of calibers that are off the beaten path. My 9.3x62 is a Zastava - they make true Large Ring Mausers. If you're interested, ping me and I can hook you up with a guy who imports nothing but LH Zastavas. They use Turkish Walnut - the finish isn't great, but my 9.3 shoots 1 MOA, which is pretty tight for what is considered the lightest of Dangerous Game rifle calibers. Need to sand the wood a bit, then seal it or oil it. It comes with a light oil finish, but not enough to offer protection from real wet weather.

    If you want a lefty in some cartridge which nobody offers, JES rifle reboring in Oregon will do the job for about $250. They can turn your LH 30-06/270 Win/25-06 into a 35 Whelen, 338-06, or 9.3x62. Just google for JES rifle reboring to find them. As I understand it, turn-around time is about 3 weeks. Pretty good deal for about $250. If you always wanted a LH medium bore, but don't want a 338 magnum of one flavor or another, any of those 3 cartridges will suit you well. 9.3 case is a *little bit* bigger than a 30-06, but they will absolutely fit in a 30-06 action. The size is close enough that 30-06 brass can be substituted for 9.3 brass in a pinch. They're THAT close.
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    Ithaca Model 37 is a bottom feed and eject available in Feather weight made in USA pump shotgun is a favorite of mine. I am right handed but found master eye is my left. I was a kid reading Boys Life scouting magazine and read how to test. So I started shooting my Daisy BB gun left handed and learned to like it. I have left handed bow and lever gun. Every thing else I shoot is made for righties.
    Last edited by sack; 11-07-2018 at 10:38 PM. Reason: Forgot to mention bottom feed eject. Should not assume everyone knows the Model 37
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    If you can remember them all, you do not have enough yet.
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    I have both left and right handed guns. The only ones that give me fits are double action pistols. The loading latch is on the left side and I have not found a way to do quick reloads.
    Since I can build my own muzzle loaders they are all left handed.
    I used to use Dad's Ithaca 37 a lot and had no problems running the right handed safety.
    My oldest brother can make a right bolt gun sound like an autoloader.
    Thumbhole stocks and rollover cheekpieces are the only thing I have not overcome.
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    I saw a southpaw at the range this morning with an AR15. It looked terribly awkward with what looked like brass punching him in the face or close to it. Curious if they make ARs for lefties?

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    Left hand AR. Sorry the pic is upside down.


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    I am right handed and left eye dominant. I taught myself to shoot lefty in my twenties after over a decade of trying and failing to use my right eye by shooting right handed. I figured it was time to switch over when I found myself shooting handguns right handed but with my left eye. I still do this. I just shoot all long guns lefty.

    I really like my Browning BPS 20 gauge. It is really my only true ambi gun(oh yeah, I also have a double shotgun). However, like a few other guns out there, it is actually easier for a lefty to use this gun in only one way. That is the slide release is on the left side of the trigger guard and as such is easier for the lefty.

    My other long guns are 2 336 Texans, Ruger 10/22, Remington 597 .22 Mag, Remington 572 pump .22. Bernadelli 20 gauge double. Remington 7400 semi auto. As you can see I don't do bolt actions. I am drawn to lever, pump, and semi auto long guns. I really want to get rid of my semi autos and replace them with similar pumps. Im probably going to get a pump .22 Magnum next year and a pump centerfire. Probably a Remington 7600 in 30-06, 308, or 7mm-08.
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    Born lefty - a true 10%-er. Shot right-handed guns all my life until I was able to by LH guns.

    Oddly enough, I had to learn how to operate LH guns! The muscle memory thing.

    Cost me a nice buck two years ago to a Mod 1894 with a crossbolt safety. I put the safety 'on' with my left thumb instead of pushing it 'off' with my right one.

    Pulled the crossbott safety out, and put in a saddle rings just for looks.

    Ya live and learn.

    Never had a problem with shooting my (1975 era) 336C - no scrossbolt required then.

    Pre-lawyer, I guess you could say.

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