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Thread: Switching to left hand shooting ?

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    My Lady is a southpaw... We just ordered her a lefty bolt gun... I shoot both left and right handed every time we go to the range... I've always shot both...
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    Had to shoot a deer from my tree stand left handed a couple of years ago. No problem.
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    I'm also left-eye dominant and left-handed. Just been diagnosed with a big mess of "floaters" in my left eye that blur my vision at the center of the iris. It's like looking through a hairbrush full of hair. The doc told me that there is nothing they can do to remedy it. I was told to live with it.

    It is what it is.

    I'm working on ways to work with the problem, but I'm not switching to shoot from the right eye.

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    I too have had eye surgery.
    In the right eye.
    Distorted vision in it now.
    Makes it hard to shoot right handed.
    And I've shot right handed for over fifty years.
    What to do ?
    Practice.. practice... practice..
    Tried shooting my 10/22s..
    Not bad.. tried my Marlin 60s..
    My 39A...
    But the sights weren't as clear as I needed. For my left eye.
    It's not perfect either. But much better than my right.
    Then one day.. I spotted one of my Nylon 66s..
    Hummmm ??
    Top Tang safety.. and Big iron sights.
    It's perfect for teaching me how to to shoot left handed.
    For me the sights are pretty clear.
    I'm hitting where I aim.
    It's a very reliable and dependable Rifle.
    Light weight. Eazy to use.
    I'm actually having a blast with it.
    For me..the answer was the great old Nylon 66

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    I am left eye dominant but shoot right handed. I have killed quite a few deer left handed over the years and am comfortable either way. My fiend lost a eye and had to start shooting left handed and he took to it like a duck to water, having just one eye he could see at distance better than I could, I guess that when you have just one eye it gets stronger.

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