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Thread: Favorite LH Rifes

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    Great list! I did not see the early classic Browning ATD .22LR downward ejection and simila Remington Model 24.


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    I know I am late to this thread. But since I found this I have read a lot and been really impressed with the information. I probably own the least expensive LH rifle here but I can assure you that it is a shooter that I purchased new in May of 1978. I have reloaded for it since 93 and it has always done its part when I do mine. It is a Remington 788 LH chambered in .308 Winchester. In 1978 it was only available in 6mm Rem or .308. Since my uncle shot a .308 I said give me the .308. I have never looked back. The "factory" trigger would never make it past the final inspection now days and has never had anything touched besides cleaning. It loves Hornady interlocks, 150 and 165 grain. An inexpensive hunting rifle that was actually a good gun with a very fast lock time as per the information I can find on it. Any way here is a previous post with the proof and my old reliable 788.

    Well, the stars all lined up, the good Lord said "you can have this" and here is the result!

    I was not able to use the 444 as the first stand we tried had the opportunity for some 250+ yard shots. So I went to "old reliable,"
    my old Remington Model 788. That being the situation I did not want to have a long shot at a nice animal that was farther than I wanted to shoot the T4 as I have only put 50 rounds thru it and am not completely satisfied with my sight in as of yet. Here is the technical stuff, Range was 105 yards, .308 Winchester, 150 grain Hornady Spire Point Interlock boat tail, 45.5 grains Reloader-12 (old load, don't look for it now but it works well in that gun, not yours), CCI 200 primer and Remington brass. Bullet retained 127.6 grains and mushroomed to .76 inches (just under the skin of the right shoulder, recovered). I really wanted to use the 444 but at the stand we started with it would have not been the best choice as I wanted the Axis Buck and was a guest on the ranch. That being said I could have used it but I have not mastered predicting the future yet. Anyway, there it is and I really enjoyed myself and the hunt. And yes, that is a "Southpaw" Model 788.

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